Marantz 2325 Phono section

Hi Goners,

I need help with info on the capabilities of this unit's phono section.
Since it was developed in the seventies i am assuming it was for mm carts only.

I am going to be using a Thorens 160s tt and would like to know if this will work with the existing "phono" inputs for mm only or should i invest in an outboard[Like the Benz] for mc/mm capabilities?

Lastly,if i go outboard what inputs should i be using?

Thanks to all for any help!
Here is a review of the 2325 which appeared in "High Fidelity" in 1975:

As you'll see in the specs on page 2, the phono input is indeed not suitable for low output moving coil cartridges.

If you want to use a lomc, and you add a compatible outboard phono stage that includes riaa equalization and amplification up to line level (meaning in the general ballpark of 60db or so of gain), you should connect into the 2325's aux inputs.

If you opt for a step-up transformer or a "head amp," which will typically provide only 20db or so of gain and not include riaa equalization, you should connect into the mm phono inputs.

Good luck!
-- Al
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Thank you both very much!

Indeed both of your points are right on the money as was member Raul's essay on the bad rap mm carts take in these days where most opt for mc's...Hidden jewels are indeed out there!