Marantz 22XX receivers ... tuner performance?

I love the Marantz look and feel, having grown up with a 2230 in the house. I recall the tuner was good but, that was years ago.
Anyway, what do people think of the tuner performance in 22XX receivers?

I am thinking of getting another receiver, a 22XX and want VG FM performance.
Should I get a separate tuner instead?

Would a 22XX receiver perform well, if get a good antena and/or signal sleuth?

Hi Rob, last year I bought a Marrantz 2275 receiver and sent it to Mike Zuccaro at Audiocraftsman in San Diego to check out for me. He checked all parameters of the performance and realigned the FM tuner section. The receiver sounds great and I can receive one of the best FM classical stations near Charlotte N.C. which is about 90 miles away with an indoor $35 antenna from Music Direct. Wonderful receiver.
Best of luck.
As stated, the tuner in the 2200 series is very very good.