marantz 2250

would a marantz 2250 be a step up or step down from a Luxman L3,using primarily for listening to vinyl but like the idea of having a tuner also
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Two variables involved, at least.

Condition: what type of shape the units are in. Both units are at least 37 years old. At some point, the caps and power supplies and any host of things need replacing or fixing.

Tuner: do you live in an area, or building for that matter, that FM reception is good enough, that FM is worth pursuing, as a source.

I have owned the Marantz 2216B and 2240 receivers in the last 15 years. Nice tuners, but the tuners are what I would have considered to be standard for the time. Tuners are as dependent on strong reception and the antenna being used, as turntables are dependent on the tonearm and cartridge being used. As for the amplifiers, the sound is on the warm, pleasing side. It will get the job done, you will not have any complaints, as long a you are not expecting high end sound.

I don't have any experience with the Luxman, so I can not answer your question about which unit may be preferable. I was in college when these units came out. Not unlike my body, these units break down and will need TLC, from time to time. At that is what I find the most frustrating about vintage mid-fi equipment, in the long run they may end up costing you more than new equipment.

Hi corin,
Not having heard the Luxman L3, it could be a lateral move. But, if your L3 is nearing the end of its OEM life and due for a recap, now would be a good time to step into something that has been restored, like the Marantz 2250.

The Marantz units from the mid to latter 70s sound great, are plentiful and relatively easy to work on...there's also a bit of wishful thinking happening on the auction site where estate sale bottom feeders find these units, and list them at ridiculous prices without any knowledge of what they're listing. So the vintage Marantz market is a little skewed.

I own a fully restored Marantz 2245 which had a production run during the time the 2250 was built (1975). The 2245 is the best sounding vintage piece I've owned ( I also have or had a 2230, 2015, and 2 1060s).

If you already have a line on a 2250, make sure any leaking caps have been replaced first, otherwise you could spend an additional couple hundred dollars on a recap. Also check that the tuner is properly aligned.
If you're still shopping, the sweet spot for vintage Marantz receivers are the 2245 and 2270. Very similar design, the 2270 has more power, but the 2245 is considered an overbuilt 2270. I can tell you the 2245 does not want for more watts, there's enough juice to drive you out of the room.

In either case avoid the auction site and look on the enthusiast boards (here...although unlikely because evil tone controls, USAM, or AK) or a repair shop that specializes in vintage restoration and sales.
I had a big Luxman receiver a few years ago. I don't have any technical information for you but Luxman was a luxury product occupying that slice of the market for upscale receivers. The sound is warm, rich and powerful. I would think the L3 would have a similar "house sound".
any suggestions on enthusiest boards ?
Hi Corin,
I responded with sources, but as expected, my post was rejected. Unfortunately, you'll just have to google it.

Use the acronyms I supplied above to match with your search engine findings.

I also found a restored 2245 from the same vendor I bought mine from, but am prevented from sharing it with you. Plug this into google:

"Marantz 2245 * restored"

Look for the result with the aterix in the heading.