Marantz 2245 & Rega Brio

I have a Marantz 2245 and love the warmth of it. Alas, it very periodically (like only every few hours) will very momentarily drop out or distort on one channel and then come right back typically if I disengage then engage the main speaker in button or twiddle some other control. It's functional but a slight PITA. The headphones seem to not have an issue (or maybe I have just been lucky). A recent tweaking by a tech did not fix this particular issue. Web search suggests it may be speaker relay protection circuit related.

Well, I will live with it for now and perhaps have the tech try to get it right again. Sometimes it's OK for days! But it may be time for a modern SS integrated. I do not want to spend alot of $$ but do want to emulate that Marantz warmth. Any feedback as to whether a Rega Brio may be the way to go?
It sounds like you may have a cold solder connection or two on the Marantz. I had the same problem with a Classe cap150 integrated amp. I had a tech go over all the soldered connections and all was fine after that.
I am a dealer for both Marantz and Rega. The new Brio R is really good. IMO one of the best buys out there.