Marantz 2245 or NAD C 165BEE Preamplifier

My system is as follows:
VPI Scout with Shelter 501 II MC cartridge
Onkyo M-5060R Amplifier
Marantz 2245, cleaned, decent condition & used as a preamp with the Onkyo for more power

The scout is a recent addition and I need to decide if I want to get a step-up transformer for use with the Marantz, an external phono stage, or a new preamp with MC capability a la the NAD C 165BEE.

Does it make sense to keep the marantz in the chain or get something more modern?
I respond because the Nad 165BEE is on my shortlist. It has a better than typical phono section with selectable sensitivity for MM or MC. Plus it has Class A circuitry and any reviews I've read have great things to say.

I also asked a dealer(who carries both) which he'd recommend, the Parasound 2100 or the Nad C 165BEE, and he said the Nad. It has a rich/warmer sound than the Parasound, which would possibly blend better with your Onkyo(like your Marantz).

They are not exactly cheap, but you should be able to get a 30 trial online. And the Marantz is probably worth a couple hundred, believe it or not.