Any opinions,"good or bad,"about the phone section of this receiver?Thank you.

The phono stage in your vintage Marantz is typical of a basic MM 47k phono preamp common back in the day because MM cartridges were all the we had.  So neither good nor bad when compared to another back then - just typical.  It's another story compared to what we have available today with external phono stages.

A phono preamps primary job is to re-equalize RIAA and do so as quietly as possible.  They all do the former but not the latter.  Here is a little test...turn on your receiver and select the phono input.  Do you hear any hiss or a slight buzz before signal without your ears pressed against the speaker?  If so, its not very quiet.  A good phono stage will be graveyard quiet before signal allowing the music to flow from a black background.  And there a lot of very quiet phono stages available today for a lot less then you think that will be much better than what's in your Marantz. 

Only if volume dial is turned up to the max.No hum or hiss at low to medium volume. 

That's good.  Who listens at max anyway?  Sounds like it is operating cleanly. 

Again, compared to built-in phono stages in other vintage receivers of its kind, its OK.  No better or worse.  Depending on your cartridge and the rest of your gear, this may be all you need.

Thanks for the info.The receiver works well.Volume had a little static,Deoxit took care of it.