Marantz 15s2...anyone heard it?

I have been looking to get a modern integrated and noticed there is a NOS Marantz 15S2 for sale on Agon. It is not the Limited Edition which is the only review I found online. Anyone heard or own this model and what are your thoughts? I have historically liked Marantz (been awhile though) and its got a warranty which is attractive. I have heard the Reference series stuff is more detailed though still warm like the PM series. Anyone?
I have a 15s2 Limited. I really don't know what the difference is between a 15s2 and a Limited. I can say the one I have now is the best amp I have ever owned. It has taken my Vienna Acoustics speakers to new heights. The amp is heavy and of high quality. Highly musical and quiet as a graveyard. It has finally gotten me off the upgrade path and I could not imagine replacing it.

Maybe it was an oversight on my part but I cannot seem to find the ad on Agon you refer to for the 15s2. When I googled this model, under images, 15s2's appear to be champagne colored while Limiteds are Black. I would think this is the only difference and if so, any review you find on a Limited would apply to the one your interested too. Good luck.
Thx for the feedback. My concern was that one of the few reviews I saw seemed to imply it was more warm than detailed and was lacking in transparency. I remember hearing one a number of years ago thru Kef 201/2 Reference monitors and thinking it sounded good but I was looking for speakers and did no close comps.
BTW, its listed as a pm 1552....typo. Selling for $1400 no's in gold color. Seems like a fair deal for an older model.