Marantz 10B knob and grill

I had my 10B repaired. When I returned home and unpacked the tuner I found that one of the four smaller knobs (scope selector) and the metal grill from the wood cabinet was missing. They havn't been able to locate them, and they insist they will find replacements. I've waited for several weeks, so I have decided to try locating them on my own. Does anyone have information on where I might locate these items?
try, they are McIntosh people but may have some marantz stuff. And have you tried Marantz?
Also check with the Sound Shop in Colo. Springs Co. they have a lot of used trade ins. and you may e-mail member Josh has a ton of used gear abtting around.
That sucks! What kind of repair shop is that?
I would also check to make sure the quality of the work done is up to snuff.

Now, why would you ship the tuner out to be serviced with the cabinet? Makes no sense to me. Unless you were having it refinished or something. Rare to find a shop that does both things...
I brought it in to a local shop. They sent it to a "specialist".I didn't know it would be sent out when I brought it in. The tuner works fine.
Thanks for the leads.