marantz 10b and 10b tubes

Just bought a working 10b and some of the tubes test less than they should be. Who are the better 10b information sources and also the better places to buy tubes? I live in a weak signal area so mostly rhe 10b will sit and make me smile.
Some very common tube types are readily available anywhere. However, most of the tues in the 10B are relatively esoteric. If you do a google search on the tube type(s) you need, you will typically get a list of vendors. Then you can contact each of them individually. Antique Electronic Supply in AZ is a very good and very reliable source, for one. Then there is eBay.

If your 10B works and sounds good, I would not get exercised over the findings on a tube tester, most of which are even older than your 10B. Better to spend money on getting it aligned and let the tech tell you what tubes are not up to snuff.
"Better to spend money on getting it aligned and let the tech tell you what tubes are not up to snuff."

Agreed -- getting it to a good tech who knows the 10B is a very worthwhile investment for this treasure.
Nos American tubes will probably do great. Amperex (the old before Richardson bought the name) and Mullard may be better, if they make them. If you decide to get your own tester, get a mutual conductance type like Hickok. For a good value tester, an Eico 666 or 667 will do just about as good. The emission type may be OK for shorts, but they are poor for checking the tubes gain. I hope you get it performing right. Those are great sounding, if your stations live up to its (10B) standards. If your tech has a good tester, let him test the new tubes you buy, to make sure. I don't have any dealers to recommend, as I have most of what I need.