Marantz 1060 vs. Mac 1700/1900

Hello, looking to add vintage system, any suggestion? I listen to a lot of vinyl and stream quite a bit, but I don't even really understand new stuff like what a DAC does. I currently have an entry level Denon HTR playing on Polk RTI A5 fronts and Sub. Great for movies but the turntable sounds a bit flat (budget Project phono stage). Would plugging iPod or computer into RCAs on a vintage Amp rival the sound of my Denon over AirPlay? 

Very tempted by the Marantz 1060 at its price on the bay, MAC 1700/1900 costs more but doable, Bryston B-60 at $900 is a stretch. Any comparisons on these or other similar options? Thanks. 

I have had a ton of Mac gear over the years. It's really well made, the company still services everything and the sound is very good. 

To me Marantz sounds a bit dark and too warm. 

My vintage preference for receivers and intergrated amps is Sansui. I have a few. In particular I have a perfect 9090DB that seems to do everything just right. 

If if it were the marantz or the Mac, I would choose the Mac. Timeless looks and superb sonics. 
I like the 1700 over the 1900 because of the tube tuner.  The Marantz tuning is nice but the Mac is nicer sounding to me.  If you don't care much about radio, then I wouldn't go vintage-vintage can need a ton of work.  You will have a lot of fun with something like a Peachtree Nova.  The Nova also has a built in DAC which is pretty nice and should work with Airplay nicely.  (The DAC takes the digital signal and turns it into analogue music).  There are huge differences in DAC's and they have come a long way over 10-20 years.  A PS Audio sprout even has a built in phono stage.  Your Project is fine and better than many built in phono stages.
I hear that Norman,I had a 9090 that I had to leave behind in a move  and I miss it . Sansui just hit the spot .
Cool I will look at the Sansui. I checked the Peachtree but it only has one analog input, and I am actually intimidated by all the digital technology. I have tons of music on my aging MacBook in iTunes but I don't really know what resolution it is and how to play it using the DAC functionality. Today I played music from YouTube on my iPhone over AirPlay to my Denon and it sounded lousy. Pandora sounded better not great. records sound much better, but still I just don't think the Denon/Polk combo is that great for music. 

Thanks for for your input.

My first experience in audio was Sansui. I tell people this all the time, they do everything well. Never any listening fatigue. Not a lot of snob appeal, but tremendous build quality and sound. 9090 is a wonderful silky smooth sounding receiver. 
Might want to also consider the single digit models like Model 8.  The build quality is second to none.  
Thanks all, I just got my 1060 today and am thrilled with its sound and performance. Could not spend more on the Macs and the Sansui 9090 was quite pricey on eBay, too. With my old KENWOOD 3-way speakers the 1060 sounds way better than my Denon/Polk combination. I wonder why a 40 yr old amp and my 1989 vintage KENWOOD floor standing speakers sound so much better than modern stuff.... The Denon was around $350 and the Polks are about $350 each so I expected more. 

Now im thinking of getting a mini USB DAC, do they make computers audio files sound better? Like the Audioquest Dragonfly.

Yes, the Marantz 1060 is a wonderful sounding amp.  I use one in my office set up ( with Paradigm Atom speakers) and it always pleases.  I don't know exactly what the pixie dust is with that amp but I suspect that it being capacitor coupled and coming from an era prior to the subsequent low distortion spec wars account for it sounding just right.  As the spec wars took hold SS amps started sounding more and more  sterile to me.