Marantz 1060

My dad gave me his vintage 1060 integrated. Is there any market for this particular model?  I have no interest in vintage stuff but curious what I should do with it.  I love the look of the front though.  He also gave me what appears to be a receiver from a company called Claricon model 36-380. I haven’t found much of anything on it. Interested in any thoughts on these.  Thanks!
there's always lots of 1060's listed on eBay.  Definitely a market and you may fetch a few hundred dollars depending on condition
There are ten 1060's available now on EBay. Priced from $250 to $1K (restored). Only 30wpc. Separate pre/power jacks. First production 1971.
Thanks for the insight. I tried it today and it works however there is a noise that sounds like an egg frying coming from the back right. I’m not knowledgeable in this space but would like to be able to caveat any potential buyer - any thoughts on what that could be?