marant dv 12 dvd or the marantz 8560?

Can any one compare the two in cd stereo sound only? Both these players are about 800 to 1000. Any idea which one to get .
Are you particularly committed to just these two players? If not, you might want to also consider the Denon DVD-3910, which is a universal player that has gotten exceptional reviews. It handles ALL digital formats very well, including CD (a big plus to someone who already owns a lot of CD's).

Audioholics equipment editor recently published the results of their review of a signficant number of universal players, and they chose the Denon DVD-3910 as "Editor's Choice". Here's the link to the review:

The Denon DVD-3910 retails for $1500, but I recently bought the Denon 3910 for $1050 (including shipping). If you are interested in more information, please drop me a personal E-mail and I'll give you the person to contact.