Mapletree Super Stealth Monobloc

Anyone have any experience with Dr. Lloyd Peppard's monobloc? I'm considering putting together a system around the Lloyd's super stealth monoblocs and his Ultra 4A SE Phono/Line Preamplifier.

I have Totem Arro's now but are considering upgrading to Harbeth Super HL5 or perhaps the new Thiel CS3.7. Will have to listen to both, but for now will keep the Arro's as I like them.

I have his Ear + Purist HD100 headphone amplifier and absolutely love it. The finest headphone amp I've ever heard.

I'd appreciate any thoughts and/or comments.

Thanks and Happy New Year!
i own the stealth 60--the 30 watt/channel stereo amp and one of his preamps, i believe it is the one you mention. it did retail at about $750 at the time.

what can i say ? both products are not my main components. i use a bent tvc preamp and vtl deluxe 120 amp.

you will need to ask me specific questions.
i am of the persuasion that you need to listen to these components for yourself, rather than get anecdotal information.

i'll answer any questions you ask, but suggest that you should not make a purchase, based upon what i or anyone else says about any component.
Try and do a search he has a following there.
I have Mapletree Super Stealth Monos and am very pleased with them. They are the best amps I have for driving my JBL 1000 Arrays and a few other high efficiency speakers I have. The power rating seems mightily conservative as I have never noticed them clip. One of their great features is excellent deep tight bass.