Mapletree Preamp experiences?

Hi All,
I am just about to pull the trigger and order a Mapletree Line 2A SE preamp. I am looking for that good old warm, 3-dimensional, "the performers are actually in my listening room" tube magic (to be used with a solid state power amplifier). Any positive or negative comments from all you Mapletree preamp owners out there?
Many thanks!
I purchased one several months back and like the sound overall, I have several vintage tube pres as well: Cit I, Audioresearch SP3-1A, etc..

Mine has a bit of background hum though and I've tried it with several different power amps and connects and it hasn't gone away. None of my other pres have this problem so I can't see it being a power conditioner issue.

I even returned it and it was sent back with the same issue.

The hum is inaudible when music is playing but being a bit of a perfectionist it still bothers me.


I own a MAD Ultra 4A and a MAD headphone amp. I am very happy overall, however, I may decide to sell. Nothing wrong with the equipment - fairly low mileage. With a kid in college, it's tough to justify keeping the equipment (I have three systems).