Mapletree Preamp experiences?

Hi All,
I am just about to pull the trigger and order a Mapletree Line 2A SE preamp. I am looking for that good old warm, 3-dimensional, "the performers are actually in my listening room" tube magic (to be used with a solid state power amplifier). Any positive or negative comments from all you Mapletree preamp owners out there?
Many thanks!
i own a mapletree preamp. it's a modern tube design. i have tried different 6sn7 tubes, as well. it favors truth, rather than beauty. it definitely is not warm, unless you ask lloyd to include a treble attenuator, which is part of my design.

i doubt you will find any preamp in production which has the classic tube sound. such a presentation is what most manufacturers are trying to avoid. i have auditioned many tube preamps, as i am a reviewer. i have also attended many ces shows.

the sound you are describing can be obtained by carefully selecting an older preamp, probably ventage 1980's or 1970's. i suggest that you listen for yourself and come to your own conclusions. i find the mapletree, a bit analytical, and i have owned it for over 2 years.

perhaps you want tio buy mine. let me know.
Wow Mr. T.
Selling Mapletree?
Have you tried tube rolling etc????
It's a very nice pre.

Get a pair of NOS 12SX7GT tubes for it. Ask the good Dr. what he recommends. I got my tubes from him. BTW, I am keeping mine - it is just too good.
Wow Mr. T.
Selling Mapletree?
Have you tried tube rolling etc????
It's a very nice pre.

hi mariusz:

i have tried rca, sylvania, tunsol, ge, brimar, mullard and probably one or two other 6sn7s. without the treble attenuation, i don't want to listen to the preamp. i have varied power cords and interconnect cables as well.

it is not a vintage tube preamp. many of the older cj, audio research, cary slp 70, and other older preamps are more satisfying.
i definitely prefer my nobis proteus and audio not kits l3 line stage.

if you like a somewhat lean and analytical sound, then the mapletree is ok.

I bought the 4A SE ultra with all the upgrades the good doctor had to order (about 6 months ago). I must say it’s a sleeper that can be upgraded to run with the big boys. I highly recommend the Revelation Audio umbilical cord as a worthwhile upgrade (although the guys at Revelation can be a bit slow to respond). Also try some NOS stock tubes (I forget which ones but I can look it up for you if need be… I picked them up after reading a recommendation from another MAD owner)

My Ultra 4A SE feeds into a solid state McIntosh amp (MC402) driving Dynaudio Special 25’s. It’s a very sweet setup.

The MapleTree preamps are an excellent value for the money.

Good luck
I purchased one several months back and like the sound overall, I have several vintage tube pres as well: Cit I, Audioresearch SP3-1A, etc..

Mine has a bit of background hum though and I've tried it with several different power amps and connects and it hasn't gone away. None of my other pres have this problem so I can't see it being a power conditioner issue.

I even returned it and it was sent back with the same issue.

The hum is inaudible when music is playing but being a bit of a perfectionist it still bothers me.


I own a MAD Ultra 4A and a MAD headphone amp. I am very happy overall, however, I may decide to sell. Nothing wrong with the equipment - fairly low mileage. With a kid in college, it's tough to justify keeping the equipment (I have three systems).