Mapleshade Vibration Control

Since Mapleshade has appeared in several recent threads on interconnects I thought I'd add their vibration control products to the table. Keep in mind that I've only had these devices for about four days. Also, I have not compared them to other commercial products. So, I will give my impressions based on the product itself. Under review are the Surepoint and Triplepoint Heavyfeet brass cones, Isoblocks, and Triplepoint Heavyhats (weights). The affect on my system was not subtle. Brass instruments become less metallic, violins had more body and weight, upper registers become more liquid and less harsh, and the air/space around instruments became more pronounced. I don't mean to imply that they magically transformed a poor system into sonic bliss. I've spent the last two years building this system; and will probably spend another two refining it. But, I was absolutely amazed at the difference they made. I have only tried one "configuration". Currently, my CD player is supported by the Surepoint cones on a shelf supported by Isoblocks. One 1.5 lb weight in sitting on top of the CD player. My preamp is supported by the Triplepoint Heavyfeet and has 2 0.75 lb weights on top. The next question I want to answer is if the Triplepoint Heavyfeet offer enough sonic improvement to justify the extra cost over their smaller brethen the Surepoints. I would be interested to learn what products you have used, their effect on your system, and if you have compared them to the Mapleshade products.
Hi Gallaine, I will be receiving my Isoblocks, triple point cones and heavyhats next week. I will be using them with maple butchblock. I am glad to see you like them. When I get a handle on these I will get back to you and we can compare notes. What did you think of the heavyhats?
Gallaine: I have two sets of the least expensive "Surefoot" points on order. The bad news is that Fed Ex and possibly Mapleshade screwed up the shipping info and they are being returned to Mapleshade, and not delivered to me. I was at least able to intercept my Mapleshade digital IC order and have it sent next day (for $21.00 extra) and am using the digital cable right now. Anyway if I like them, when I get them, I will then order one set of the Triple points to compare. I ordered two matched sets so that I can try them on my speakers as well as the electronics. I do not have enough clearance in my cabinet to try the Isoblocks:-( and will have to rework it a little more to accept the 2" Triplepoints. So far so good with Mapleshade products, I really like the digital IC.
I have some BD products and enjoy them a great deal. I plan to try "something" from Mapleshade early next year. Thanks for the info guys!
Dekay: I understand what you mean about not having space. With the Isoblocks, Surepoints, and Heavyhats my CD Player now requires at least 9" of vertical rack space. I will probably have to remove the DVD Player just to get enough space to put the Preamp on Isoblocks. Brulee: Did you try any self material other than Maple Butcherblock? When I talked to Pierre (?) at Mapleshade he suggested that I use 2" thick Maple. Given that I am already having problems fitting everything into my rack I am curious if anything else might come close to Maple but less thick.
As a newcomer to isolation issues I am inquiring as to the potential use of a slab of marble on top of a cdp or dvd to assist in vibration control - any thoughts????
Hi Gallaine, I will not receive the isoblocks and points till next week. I have 2 1/4 in. butcherblock and some big granite slabs all very thick. It is not a problem for my set up. Check out the thread on shelf material, that may help. I saw some speak of tempered glass. I have no idea how that will sound. My granite rings too much and adds some hardness and splash to the sound. When I get a chance to play with this stuff I will get back to you and we can compare notes.
I use a Target shelf, but also use granite slabs on vibrapods within the Target shelf and have found that attaching "peel and stick" vinyl floor tile eliminates to a great extent the "ringing". Very cheap too.
Sorry-posting quickly-attaching the vinyl tile to the top side of granite slabs-just want ot be clear on that!
HDM: I used the p&s floor tile on the bottem of a plastic shelf a while back with OK results. I have thought of trying it on the inside of my good CD player as a damping material, as it is easliy removable. I used some sheet material from a body shop on the inside of my mini system with good results, but doubt if it will come off without damaging the cabinet, the adhesive is very strong.
Dekay: Some interesting posts at Audioasylum about internally damping the chassis of CD players with good results-some different materials mentioned-can't actually recall but I believe one of the materials is quite commonly used in car audio installations. It's something I've been considering for a while too.
HDM: Thanks, I will check out AA. The only other wierd one that I have ran across is one that you spray on. Sounds kind of hard to remove if you don't like it though. They mention it at the TNT site.