Mapleshade speaker platforms

Has any used the mapleshade/maple platfroms under their speakers especially on hardwood floors.Im just curious of the benefits or drawbacks
The benefits - They would raise your speakers a few inches off the floor.

The drawbacks - they would raise your speakers a few inches off the floor.

The use of Maple, if anything, might only change the resonant frequency of vibrations passing from/too your speakers and floor. The advertising connection between the benefits of maple (used for a lot of instruments so it must be special! Yes it is FOR music instruments!) is I think grossly overstated.

If they are connected to the floor with spikes and your speakers were connected with spikes there won't be much if any difference because of the different woods connected to them, that is your speakers with spikes, or the maple/spikes put under your speakers.

In your deliberations the issues consider whether you are using decoupling materiels such as hocky pucks (whatever - softer rubber like materiels to damp floor vibrations) or coupling materiels like metal spikes which allow floor vibrations to pass to the speakers and speaker vibrations to pass to the floor.

In either event, IMHO, putting a different type of wood between the floor and speakers. with or without cones, accomplishes nothing meaningful unless you have identified a particular resonant frequency which can be damped by inserting a different type of wood into the mix.
I have actually tried using maple platforms under my power amps. The setup was done according to Mapleshade's prescription: amp on brass cones, cones pointed into the wood, platform on damping feet (Isonodes in my case). I did not use anything bought from Mapleshade, since I was able to get equivalents locally or re-use stuff I already had.

The results were very good indeed. I enjoyed my tube amps much more after setting them up on the platforms. Midrange was clearer and harmonics more pleasing, and bass was better defined, fuller and more extended. Most important, the emotion of the performance came through better. First time I played my younger son a song he liked, he teared up, and that was when he first understood the reason I have a humble high end system.

Now YMMV as always, I have read comments from others who did not like the changes made by maple platforms in their setups, but in my case it was all to the good. I sold the amps those platforms were made for, and the platforms went too, but I will be getting another set for my new amps as soon as I can.

Star Sound Tech. makes speakers stands/Sistrum stands that will beat anything MS makes by a loooong shot.
I agree with Glory. I have experimented with maple platforms under my speakers, and my results were, that maple pretty much "kills" the sound, it becomes lifeless with constricted dynamics. I switched to Sistrum, and like Glory said- it beats maple by a very long shot.
Missioncoonery, on rereading I see you were asking about platforms for speakers, not amplifiers. Sorry for the confusion.
I tried the maple platforms under my tube amps. They looked n nice...that is it....Resonant assistance is way over stated for amps or preamps. Turntables is a different story. Jallen
In my option thick granite plates under speakers would be the solid choice.