Mapleshade speaker cables?

Geno, I have been using these cables, as well as the interconects for six months now, and they are outstanding! Thus far, I have tried most of the mega cables and simply, cheap stuff from Radio Shack. However, these cables and interconects, without a doubt are the best sounding. I am constantly asked, when people come over and hear my system and see these cables, "What are these things made out of?" Especially the interconects. Be warned, these things look and feel strange, but I assure you if you buy the cables and interconects you will NEVER NEED TO BUY ANYMORE SPEAKER CABLES OR INTERCONECTS EVER AGAIN! Finally, this stuff is beyond state of the art, they are above and ahead of any current interconect or speaker cable. I have my entire system wired with this stuff, and I am so happy that I no longer have to worry about finding the best cables because I truly have them now. THERE IS NO OTHER CABLE THAT I CAN COMPARE THEM WITH.........THEY ARE REALLY A DIFFERENT ANIMAL. One final note, although I doubt you will want to upgrade to their absolute top of the line (i.e., there's really no need to--these cables are that good), if you do, their Omega Micro line is the absolute refrence. In my opinion listening to both cables, the Clearview has the same sonic signiture as the Omega Micro cable except you have more flexibility with them then the Micro line. The Micro line is extremely sensitive. Other then that, PLACE YOUR ORDER RIGHT NOW SO THAT THEY CAN START MAKING YOUR CABLES!
I have my system completely wired with Double Helix IC and speaker cable. I first tried the single helix IC between my CD player and preamp, there was such an across the board improvement I just had to try the speaker cable and double helix IC. I never looked back. I replaced Harmonic Technology Truthlinks and Pro 9+ and before that Transparent Ultra cable and IC's. The Mapleshade wire is so much more musical than any other cable I have ever used in my system. I am hesitant to recommend wire as it is so system dependent, but in the case of Mapleshade I can't see how there wouldn't be an improvement. I'm talking depth, soundstage, clear nonboomy bass, crystal clear extended treble, and an improved air between instruments and vocalists. My previous wires were good, but the Mapleshades in my system are magnificent. I am sure there are other good or better cables out there, but at what price, these cables are VERY reasonably priced,and you can return them if you are not satisfied within thirty days. I agree with the above poster there isn't anything to compare them to above or at their price range.
Is there a website for Mapleshade? Where can you purchase Mapleshade cables? Thanks
The website is The link for the cables is at the bottom of the home page. Their discs sound fantastic also. You might want to try some.
I replaced XLO Ultra Type 6 cables with the golden helix and am very happy. I noticed an instant improvement with my system. Very highly recommended! The appearance will raise a few eyebrows, as well as the sound does a few smiles. Charlie
if anyone is interested I have an email from mapleshade concerning why they do not make double biwire runs, let me know, [email protected]
I couldn't resist mention that just got a copy of Kendra Shank's Afterglow ( In TAS Super disc list) In a nutshell I'm amazed what quality sound comes out of my speakers!!!! Definitely if you listen to this might realize first that CD has been blamed for poor sound but in reality how the record is made makes a HUGE difference, which leads me to think that we're not getting what we're paying for (Mapleshade gives you a very good deal for 4 CDs order). The difference even bothers me compared to regular stuff.
I completely whole heartedly agree with Sol322. In fact I am going to start my own discussion on the Mapleshade CD'S recording quality. Sol, I have their whole collection! Trying their cable did cross my mind but have not came around to. My summation: The guy who knows how to make superior recordings MUST know what he is doing!
I didn't know so many people would be interested so here is why mapleshade doesn't do biwire bundles, its not much We don't make bundled-together bi-wire sets because bundling the two runs of wire always degrades the sound, both for our wires and other manufacturers. The two runs should always be separated by at least a foot. Other manufacturers don't mention the inherent degradation in bundling because they know people like the convenience. There's one more important principle in bi-wiring: the better the wire, the less benefit there is to bi-wiring. We find a nice benefit in bi-wiring with our Golden Helix (single helix) cable; when you get to our Golden Double Helix, there is almost no benefit and we recommend that you not spend the extra money. Our customers' experience is that our Double Helix single-wired almost always sounds better than any competing wires (say under $2000) that are bi-wired. One other recommendation: when single-wiring, don't use the speaker manufacturer's brass plate jumper. They sound surprisingly bad. For $20 we'll custom make you a set of jumpers from the same ultra-thin ribbon conductor we use in our $1500 Omega Mikro speaker cables. You'll be startled at the difference a good jumper makes, even though it's only 3" long.If you have any other questions, call me at 301 627 6350.
Received the double helix and jumpers today. The combination of the beautiful meadowlark binding posts, the mapleshade slinky wires and copper foil jumpers by Wrigley made for an incredible P.I.T.A. You don't hook these up, you install them!
This is going to be interesting because all other cable swaps I've done led to mostly subtle changes. Right away, the difference between bi-wiring the kestrels with dh t-14 and these wires is anything but subtle. I won't offer more than that until they break in except that the image finally extends beyond the speakers and Bonnie Raitt is standing, not sitting on Chieftains "Tears of Stone".
You don't see much about playing FM between stations for break-in anymore. Is it worth schlepping the HT receiver out to the music system?