Mapleshade SilClear

Has any one used this product for cleaning tube pins, interconnects, AC cords, RCA jacks. etc.?  Is there any other product worth considering?


I suspect there are better solutions, no pun intended, since SilClear is intended for CDs. 

Not according to Mapleshade website which list it as a silver cleaner/enhancer. 
Oh, yeah, now I remember. Quicksilver Gold was the best of that type but that product is no more. Brian Kyle RIP. There appears to be some Graphene based contact enhancers coming on the scene, otherwise stick to Deoxit or just plain alcohol.

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Thanks, I'm really looking for a product that does the "best" job of cleaning old oxidized tube pins to help make better socket contact, otherwise I'll stay with the Deoxit & alcohol.
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I use deoxit and or deoxit gold for cleaning oxidation and as contact enhancement.

I can't really recommend Silclear makes a gummy mess no matter how careful you apply it.