Mapleshade Samson rack: Opinions?

Hello, I'm looking into the Mapleshade Samson rack as it looks promising. I have played around with various maple platforms and have noticed sonic merits with various maple blocks so the rack makes sense to me. Have anyone used these and what are your opinions on them. Thanks.
Hello Mhu.I sell the Mapleshade products.If I may assist you in your purchase,please contact me.I have recently brought these in {platforms} and I have a customer ,who purchased the rack.We are both very impressed with the improvement in sound.

I have experience with some Mapleshade products (not the Samson) and have been very impressed. That said, I would like you to also consider the Sistrum racks by Star Sound Technologies. I’m just a happy owner of this rack who can testify (along with many others here on Audiogon) that it works and works extremely well!

Besides remarkable performance, another nice thing about the Sistrum rack is that once you place your components on them, you no longer have to add any tweaks above or below them. I believe that with the Samson and other similarly designed racks, it’s still recommended that you use cones below and brass cylinders or other devices on top.

Good luck.

I have a very similar rack in my bedroom system that i built, but it is of a MUCH lower mass design ( on purpose ). The only reason that i went this route is that all of the components that i'm using in this system are physically small ( Quad ) and a full sized commercially built rack did nothing but take up extra space.

With that in mind, don't expect a rack of this type to perform like a rack that doesn't use the shelves as part of the support structure. If you are set on a threaded rod rack for reasons of adjustability, look for something that uses low mass shelves while still retaining good rigidity.

As a side note, if you've never put together a threaded rod rack, it AIN'T fun. Especially if you have a LOT of shelves : ( Sean
I got a 5 shelf Samson about 3 months ago and couldn't be happier. Previously I had used a Target (glass and steel) and a Roomtunes (steel rods and particle board) racks and the Mapleshade is a definite step up for either. Sean is right in that the initial setup is a pain, but the shelves are infinitely adjustable and can be adjusted without removing your components. The Samson is not the last word in rack design and I can't say that it's better or worst than other competing products, but the Samson is a no B.S. product that works.