Mapleshade Records Tweaks-Silclear & Micro-Smooth

I had made the decision to try some of the recordings by Mapleshades. After hearing the astounding quality that came from their recording process I decided to take the plunge and try Silclear and Micro-Smooth. For the Silclear all I can say is go read the review on 6moons on the Walker SST Contact Enhancer. It is right on the money in what Silclear does at 1/3 the price. I had Nrchy and Squidboyw down to listen to my setup and had the opportunity to go up and hear the latest rendition of his system. I left after he had treated all of his cables. The difference in Nrchy's system was one of those I think something is different but we couldn't be sure. The reason we couldn't be sure is I left with his Purist Musaeus speaker cables that I bought and we had taken the cables out and then put them back in to listen to his system after he had treated his cables. Squidboyw we got his power cords done for his monoblocks and he's ordering some for himself. It seems to give some gain to the equipment with out touching the knob. 6moons review of Walker SST Microsmooth is a different product. It is a cream polish that you use on CD, SACD or DVD. Those are my choices anyway. On the audio discs it's like a haze is removed that I didn't know was even there! The background is clearer, blacker. I can pick up the space around each band member and the depth of the sound is bigger. I treated a DVD of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones and the video was also improved. There is a bass sole by the bassist, Victor Lemonte Wooten that is astounding in itself of Amazing Grace. Not only is the soundstage improved but also as you are watching the spotlight on Victor the blacks are blacker and the colors are brighter. It leaves no marks or anything that would lower the value of your discs, it fact I think it increases the value. You can't charge it but for about 2 minutes of your time and 16.95 plus shipping it's a no brainer that treats a lot of CD's and is worth at least trying. Actually, both products they give you enough to treat about 1000 different cables and probable 1000 to 1500 discs. If you try the Silclear follow the directions in the 6moons review for applying the product. Good Listening!

Greg, I was wondering where that cable went.
Nrchy, Sorry about the MIT terminator 4's. They really are no replacement for the Purist. This really does sound wonderful!!! Posting system soon once I get batteries for the camera. Can we see pictures of your current system?


Nrchy is in for another treat when he receives the Purists I have ordered for him.

After the initial break in period you will hear additional "black" and lack of noise, and a huge improvement in extreme highs and bass. Soundstage will wider and deeper and low level resolution will be way up

Hope you guys get together and audition it. I am eager to see if your results are the same as mine.
I can give testiment to the silver treatment and Mikrosmooth also.But you forgot the Ionoclast at $38.50.Have used it on CDs,power cords and cables-amazing.
And as long as you are talking about Purist Audio/Jim Aud,have you heard his demo discs? Right up there with the Mapleshades!The only problem,500 different discs are offered.
Tpsonic, I didn't know Purist had demo discs! I would like to see how they sound. Their burn-in disc isn't much fun, but it sure works nicely.

Greg the pictures I posted yesterday show the MIT cables and if you look close enough the Krell is gone and I'm using a B&K pre-amp till the Klyne arrives.

Albert I'm looking forward to the new cable. The MIT/Monster combo is dismal. Voices and instruments are huge. There is a massive brush of sound with little or no detail to be heard. There is no depth to the music. The soundsatge is as deep as a sheet of glass. It's alright to have on in the background but I really don't sit and listen since the speaker cable and pre-amp are gone.
Tpsonic. I second Nate. Where can you get a list of some of the demo discs from Purist? If they are the quality of Mapleshade I definately would be interested! I'm still using a tape demagnitizer on my discs. It does seem to help. Thought about the Ionoclast but haven't tried it yet. Albert, I definately plan on making the trip up North again once the new Purist cables get to Nate and GD. It will be an absolute pleasure to hear their systems with the new cables. Nate, took a look at your system now. It sure doesn't look the same. And now that the Purists are settling in to my system and I hear what I was missing with the MIT's I can sympathize with you. However, I was listening to music for hours on end with those cables since it was so much better than I had ever had in my house. Now I just listen more ;-)
Try Purist demo discs #13,#311 blues guitar,#310 remakes of pop classics.Jim can also make recommendations.
Micro-smooth puts very fine scratches on the CD. Like any of the automotive polishes people recommend. This did not help my system. I'll stick with a non-abrasive polish like Novus.
Cdc, when I put the cd up to the light I noticed a reflective surface, not very fine scrathes. I don't really liken this to an automotive polish that uses harsh abrasives to do its' job. We all notice our own things. I feel Microsmooth does a good job of improving the sound. What I hear. What is important. You think Novus does a good job. Good products both of them but I have not tried Novus. Good listening to all.

Back to silver, I just ordered a jar of Silclear. Will report my findings later!
Psychicanimal, it will interesting to see what you hear.