Mapleshade Record Coupling System.

I am in the market for a turntable mat. Has anyone had experience with the Mapleshade Record Coupling System? (It's for a Thorens 350)
I'm using Mapleshade coupling system and nano mounts on my Clear Audio champion two with rega arm and benz cartridge with great satisfaction. I've only tried the nano mount alone. Unable to say how the coupling system sounds alone. The combo bought my Lp's to another level. Lower, more detailed bass and clearer highs. I was really shocked with the improvement of the nano mount at it's meter cost. The coupler was the icing on the cake. It was like I'd upgraded a component. I really didn't expect anything near this level at that cost. I've had sucess with any of thier tweaksI've used.
Tried it. Used it on VPI SSM w/Superplatter and stainless clamp. It was interesting. But,ultimately, I just felt it was "different" not better.Then I got a VPI periphery ring and HRX clamp and I felt that combo was just uneqivically better then either.But YMMV!
Never tried the Nanomount though.