Mapleshade & Monarchy ........?

I need maybe one more interconnect cable , so I want to make it an interesting one,.... ha? . I have a DIY home grown Audio which right now is Amp-to-Pre-amp and Two pair of Audio art ic-3 going to be for the Nac tape deck but I am using one ic-3 for the tuner and it sound very very nice . real improvement on the '' junk '' I had before .
What would people recommend to either the Monarchy or the Mapleshade ??
Two cables in my budget I have read postings on and think I would like . Any other suggestions ?

Another "interesting" cable is the Speltz Anti-Cables. They look like the Mapleshades to me but have no idea how they sound. Many people have tried and love them.
Oh yes, another idea for "interesting" would be to buy one of the many versions of the Moon Audio cables Drew sells. He has Silver Dragon, Black Dragon and Blue Dragon with various terminators available. His work and service are first rate.
The Mapelshade are the best I've heard at all their price points.
Piedpiper says
>>The Mapelshade are the best I've heard at all their price points.<<

Aren't you a dealer for Mapleshade?
Aye aye sir, despite the fact that Mapleshade doesn't offer a very good margin to dealers in their lower end Clearview line. Just reporting my experience. I believe in quality and truthfullnes and I can't sell something when I know well there's something better and cheaper available. Although I haven't compared everything out there, I have compared alot. Mapleshade's design is so unusual that I tend to think that most companies are not going to come close because they aren't as fanatical about pursuing sound quality over convenience of manufacturing, marketing and bulletproofness.