Mapleshade integrated Record COUPLING System

Anyone using this? I have a VPI Aries 1 turntable. I like the idea of the VPI Periphery ring but it is expensive and I would first have to upgrade my platter to a newer on that is compatable with the ring. Does the Mapleshade product help at all with playing mildy warped records or is it something else altogether? Are there any products other than the VPI periphery ring that help deal with warps?
The Mapleshade product does nothing for warps. It addresses mechanical grounding of resonances. A properly designed record clamp, periphery ring, vacuum platter or heated record flattening system are the only ways to flatten a warped record. The latter is the only way to flatten the LP and take advantage of the Mapleshade system. Such systems exist but are pricey. You can get the same effect on a budget with two pieces of heavy glass, an oven at low temperature and a few hours.
Hi,try a website called SODAFOUNTAIN.He has a ring like you are looking for it's less the VPI.And you should not have to change the platter.Click on record cleaning and you will see the sub heading for it.What's the VPI 600 bucks for a damn aluminum ring.I just can't justify it.KP
The record between sheets of glass in the oven technique is risky; the temperature must be very low and the record should not be in the oven for more than a few of minutes, otherwise you risk melting it. Experiement with inexpensive records first if you wish to try this.
Hello, I am looking for this site called SODAFOUNTAIN and only thibg popping up is you guessed "SODAFOUNTAIN" suppliers and the like. Can you give us the complete site thank you

couldn't find your website.

just found it. It's
Beragamo, instead of sodafountain, do you mean this?
i understand your wanting something for warped lps. in my collection i have several and my arm and cartridge tracks them. i have a aries three 10.5i, zyx universe and using mapleshades record clamp system along with nanomount system is the best improvement my analog front end has enjoyed. you dont know how much good sound you lose clamping lps to a platter. you are sucking the life out of the lp. i am enjoying lps i have been listening to for years like the first time with mapleshades product. this is saying it like it is and i am not connected in any way to mapleshade audio.

low temp yes, short time no. One way to be careful is to put it in the oven and put the heat on for your few minutes and then let the record sit there for several hours with the heat off. If that is not enough, you may need to periodically reheat the oven. the trick is to get the temp low enough. Ovens vary here. The glass insulates the LP in this regard.
The VPI ring is Stainless Steel.
As a former machinist I can tell you making a ring like this is difficult and expensive.
You're cutting away about 80% of your material, and it's very tricky to make something that thin stay flat and round.

The VPI price is high, but it's cheaper than buying a CNC lathe to make one yourself :-)
Ditto Traudio. I get the distinct impression that those who complain about price have no idea what goes into the R & D, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of small quantity specialty products such as these. It seems that no matter how low the price, there will be someone who resents it. Of course, frustration with not wanting to prioritize the funds for something that you want is understandable, but I prefer to own my choice rather than blaming the person who has gone to the trouble of making these things available. The person who brings something to market at a lower price, undercutting the competition is not necessarily doing anybody any favors. They may be compromising the integrity of their own ability to function as a successful business, as well as manipulating the expectations of the consumer regarding what is a fair price, and in the process making it difficult for those who take care of themselves and perhaps their customers better.
Piedpiper,I don't resent anyone trying to make a buck!!But I still think $1800 for the upgrade is expensive.As far as someone who brings something to market at a lower price.Well if it's as good and works as good.And the maker can live with his profit margin than God Bless them for doing it.Some audio products have such outragious market ups,cart,cables etc.That it's refreshing to find company's with the "integrity" to bring quality products to market at reasonable costs.It's up to the free market to decide what is a fair price,we speak with our wallets.Maybe the vpi is really hard to make I do not know..I really didn't mean to upset anyone with the justify remark.At some point some of these costs are made up buy the manufacturer and should be passed on to the customer if they really care about their customers,right.And yes I do understand,r&d,adv,dist,etc.Having spent over 20+yrs in both the wholesale end and the retail end of this business.It's a free market and always will be and I am glad for the independent small companies that survive.Just letting some frustration out!!
I think Randyhat (great name but hard to imagine) wanted to know about the Mapleshade product. The thread has turned into a referendum on the VPI ring clamp. Like Randy, I too would like to hear from anyone who has had a go at the Mapleshade products.
I figured I was painting with a broad brush; no offense intended or taken.

Back to M'shade, a company that, IMHO, is committed to fair prices but still attracts detractors for them.

dealer disclosure.
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