Mapleshade Double Helix Speaker Cables

I bought a pair of Mapleshade Double Helix Plus speaker cables recently. Installed them today. Just wondered if anyone else had some difficulty working with these cables. Don't get me wrong - the sound that emanates from them is simply incredible but the patience required to install them was more than I expected. My question - do other owners leave these cables coiled when installed or do you straighten them out and run uncoiled strands per speaker? I have this OCD thing about cables flying all over the place and wondered how other people solved this immediate installation issue. Again, the sound that emanates is incredible; I don't even have 10 hours of use on them yet. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.
I used those same cables for many years. They really are very good. Never coil any wire. This will cause inductance. Just let them lay loose.

I agree they are kind of hard to work with.
I have always used them uncoiled.
I have the basic Helix speaker wire and just let them loop around but never onto themselves, nothing overlapping and they work just fine. I also found that due to their construction, they don't dangle and touch the carpeting and if they come close to doing that, it's really easy to guide them off the floor.

How they look and lay is inconsequential to me. You'll get used to it.

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I have them and, after trying several different brands and models, have concluded that they are my last speaker cable. They are excellent sounding cables.

I leave any "excess cable" very loosely and open coiled behind my system trying not to any allow parallel stretches or runs with power cables.
Thanks for everyone's responses. I'll uncoil them and try to straighten them out as best I can (taking into account everyone's suggestions). The only other issue that I have is trying to keep them connected to the speaker terminals. They simply don't want to stay clamped even when I shape the wire end in a "u-shape" to ensure compliance. Of course, the speaker terminal knobs are quite small which makes it difficult to get a firm grasp to tighten down. But, I do like the sound of these cables!
UPDATE: All is well! I uncoiled the speaker cables, straightened them, and reconnected to the speaker posts. Everything worked out fine. Once the kinks in the cabling were gone, things fell into place for me. While it resembles modern artwork behind my audio rack, the sound is amazing!
I think they are wonderful too. I put a little torque on the binding posts with a wrench to keep them in place.