Mapleshade Clearview Ultrathin Interconnects

Does anyone have any experience with either the Clearview Ultrathin II or the Clearview Double Helix II?

Any comments? Especially if you've tried both.


As a generalized comment on Mapleshade interc onnects, speaker cables, and power cords, I am really sold on these things. I have the double helix versions and the "regular" versions and have essentially replaced all my wires (Kimber KCAG and 8TC and AQ Lapis and Diamond) with them and with Omego Mikro ICs. I've been simply amazed by them. The 30-day return offered by Mapleshade makes it, for me at least, a no-brainer. I have a tube-based system (mostly CJ Premier)with Gallo Ultimate speakers. Only caveat - they're fragile and not really pet- or child-friendly.
I have used them both. The double Helix seems to give deeper bass as I recall. I like Maple and think they are also a good value, however the power cords were not to my liking because they made the high end on my system to hissey! I, like many others have upgraded to other interconnects.
Currently employing both in a Welborne Laurel II 300B SET monoblocks/Tannoy Monitor Gold setup with extremely pleasurable results. Be interested to hear from anyone having tried them in a high powered rig though. In any event, I concur with Dopogue; 30-Day return policy = why not give them a shot? BTW, his "caveat" should definitely be heeded.
These cables are very delicate (can easily break). They sounded thin to me, lacking foundation compared to other brands.
I have 2 pairs of ultrathins and a powercord.

I love the way the ultrathins sound. They sound very very natural, very unlike any cable i've listened to before (kinda weird saying i am listening to cables). However, I can't removed the buzzing sound it creates because they are not shielded, so i've switched back to my audioquest emeralds.

I love the powercord too, they sound great (oh i am listening to an ac cord now). First they were in my nakamichi preamp, which did wonders to the sound quality, and the preamp never got hot after the pc is installed. Before it was acting like a typical class a preamp, hot like a grill.

After I got a 518 digital preamp processor, I installed the pc into my amp. But, again, this caused a buzz/hum. So, I switched the mapleshade pc into my transport and used the lat international ac2 with the amp. Now I am a happy boy. No hum, all natural clean transparent sound. Wuhahahahahaha!!