Mapleshade Cables

Has anyone tested the Mapleshade 30 day money back guarrantee?

Did you get your money back and was it a pleasant experience?
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What do all of these companies do with all the cables peoples return, maybe it is true people do not return them. I guess people just keep them, I mean what would it take for you to decide to send it back?

Does anyone really send stuff back? (similiar thread going on elsewhere)
They don't make things worse but that doesn't mean you should spend 20 or 50x of normal cable price just for those that don't make things worse.
If you dig further on their other tweaks and prices you'll understand how much crap they load to the audiophoolish crowd.
I once returned two of their power cords. No problems, no hassles.

I do find their advertising copy interesting (to say the least), but all of their people I've dealt with (Pierre, Eldon and another young man answering the phone/can't recall his name) were pleasant to deal with.

I still have their Double Helix digital cable which I used for quite some time. No longer need it (no DAC) so have been loaning it out to local friends with DAC's/CDR's.
Hi David! I remember you were pretty high on the Mapleshade cables a while ago. Are you still pretty much a fan?

While not having dealt with Mapleshade, I have returned a Stealth silver speaker cable in the past. Sergui was a nice guy, but seemed shocked to find out the cable did not work in my system. Claimed it was the only time he had ever had someone tell him it wasn't the best cable they've every tried. Told me my system was "extremely unusual and different from most 'normal' people's". Of course, I laughed, my system is about as conventional as anyone else's.

The speaker cables were about as dead and lifeless as any I have come across. Dynamics, soundstage, and even volume was worse than $1/foot stranded OFC 12 gauge cable. For those who don't believe that cable can make a difference, I say that cable sure as heck did, but for the worse.

And, I don't have anything against Stealth, as I was using their flat ribbon silver interconnect between my preamp and power amps with very good result. However, I can't complain enough about the Neutrik RCA plugs that terminated the cable. One of which had a pin break off, and get stuck in my preamp's jack. My only complaint with an otherwise competent cable.
I wish I had returned the Mapleshade power strip.

I returned some Analysis Plus speaker cables early on in AP's life as a cable company. The guy was incredulous: "But, but...nobody's ever returned these before. You didn't like them? Nobody's ever said that before." Welcome to high-end audio, guys. Ha!
Hi Joe:

The Mapleshade cables I've used/tried were the double Helix digital cable (it's currently on loan to a friend as I no longer use an external DAC) and their power cords.

I like/liked the digital cable. The power cords did not work out with the system I had @ the time (Audion Silver Night 300B amp/Bel Canto DAC/CAL as transport/Reynaud Twins).

Come this summer I will have been using 47 Labs OTA (.4mm) throughout the system for 3 years (time flies:-).
When I pulg in the Mapleshade Double Helix Digital Cable to my CDP and DAC, I am facing the shielding problem of it when I switch on or off the light of my room. My DAC will switch on and off at the same time, this also happened to my Tact RCS.

I don't know whether it also happen to other users of Mapleshade Double Helix Digital Cable. However, I do not know how to report this case to Mapleshade Company.
Kenneth, I believe they state that their cables are unshielded.

Just call them to return the cables.
I ordered the Double Helix speaker cables (with the 'Plus' treatment [cryo?]). I had no need or desire to return them. I just love them. They are a bit odd looking, decidedly non-high-end looking in fact.

I've had speaker cables in my system that retail from $2000 to $3300, and I think the $500 Double Helix Plus speaker wire beats them all. Flat out.

My pre-amp and amps are tubed; so, I don't know if that makes any difference to the result.

Note: I have no interest in Mapleshade, no personal or financial connection to Mapleshade or its employees.
I returned a pair of Omega Micro power cords to Lloyd Walker (I believe Mapleshade makes them). Only reason I didnt use them was they were too delicate for my application and I was afraid I would damage them) Lloyd sent a check the day they received them, no questions, no complaints. As courteous, efficient and professional as one could wish.
I can certainly guarantee you a pleasant experience either way if you deal with Lloyd Walker.