mapleshade cable recomendations

if you have tried any of the recommendations what were your opinions ?
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Yes, perhaps you’re right. Or Michael Green. 
I've tried their Ribbon interconnects and Digital SPDIF...whatever their top ones were at the time (about 8 years ago or so).

I really like the Ribbon interconnects...great transient snap, great midrange, and bass slam I hadn't heard from my (at the time) midlin' ICs. But, they are very, very fragile and eventually I traded them out.

The digital cable had similar characteristics to the interconnects. Also very fragile. 

And, in both cases, because there is effectively no insulation on the wires, it was very, very hard to route the cables so that didn't pick up any manner of noise.

In a nutshell: nice sound, but too fussy.

I did try one of their power cords and it shorted out, fried my amp fuses, and put a lot of nasty smoke into the air. They refused to repair/replace, so I never bought from them again.
I use their plus version ic's to the sub amps, have used their speaker cable in the past along with ic's, i preferred them over anticables and others, have moved to cerious technologies cable with the exception of the bass amps, the mapleshades have excellent bass.  (all the components and speakers of my system sit on mapleshade platforms & brass footers, those i highly recommend).
as others have said, the speaker cable is excellent for the $, as are the ic's, but delicate indeed.  I still use their power conditioner for the computer, monitor, & is def a nice improvement.
Their speaker cables sound amazing in my experience.