Mapleshade Brass vs Stillpoint Footers

I am curious for anyone's experience on the sonic diffierences between Mapleshade brass footers and Stillpoints cones.....I am building a cabinet with 2" maple shelves and would like to isolate my gear further with one or the other footers.
SYMPOSIUM Roller block Jr much better.
Thanks! I had sets of Aurios in the past and the motion thing freaked me out a bit, but they did quiet things down in a nice way......
I picked up the Audio Points for the rack, and ended up ordering a number of brass for my speaker stands, speakers and gear from Eden Sound. He is also sending along some mytle blocks. Nice guy passionate about audio and small business....I also picked up some of his TerraStone hybrid cones here. So I will try the three isolation methods and pick the best combo for my liking.

My Plinius now has Furutech fuses and FP901 gold plated chassis mounts along with the FI03 gold plated IEc inlet! Very sweet. More details about the outcome of the tweaks later.

I also ordered several different decorative metal meshes for the door panel inserts on the cabinet being designed to be sure they are IR transparent.....and to see how they look of course!

Pictures to be posted as things move along.....
My recommendation is neither. I guess it's too late. I have Stillpoints and Audiopoints which I used with my previous stands (Polycrystal and/or MDF shelfs). With the addition of the Mapleshade racks, I prefer the gear on their own stock feet.

I also find the system can be spiked at one end or the other but not both. In both of my current set-ups, the speakers are spiked but the equipment is not.
Never too late! My speakers and rack will be spiked. I really appreciate your experience here. I'll take a listen to the footers I ordered and can return them if they don't make a difference.

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