Mapleshade Brass Footers w/ Rega P3-24 ?

Has anyone had any experience (good or bad)with the replacement of the three stock rubber feet of the Rega P3-24 with the heavy brass footers from Mapleshade (or a similar type of replacement footer) ? Or any experience with a solid maple platform under the table ? Or any experience with any combination of these "tweaks" ?
Can the stock feet on a Rega TT be removed? If they can, what is the proper thread when replacing with the Mapleshade brass feet?
I have the Mapleshade heavy brass triple footers and 4" maple platform on rubber/cork footers all under my SME 10 table. The result is slightly faster tighter focus/sound,and better overall clarity. Worth the cost. You can view the setup in my virtual system pictures.
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I would use Mapleshade's rubber/cork feet under the the Rega instead of cones. I'm using the VPI Scout so I have indivisual Gingko feet on top of a maple platform.
I found I got best sound out of my p3 by mounting mapleshade isoblocks ,maple and their brassfooters. I don't use the rega mount hole spots but put one brassfooter right between the motor and arm and the others under the 3m vibration control strips,well worth the cost to my ears.
Since my original thread, I've found a nice solution which has made me happy. My P3-24 table, with its original three rubber feet, is sitting on a 3/4" thick MDF board, which sits on eight Vibrapods atop the middle shelf of my Sanus rack. The music sounds terrific. Is there an actual audible improvement, or is the "psycological benefit" more pronounced ? Who knows ? But I'm certainly enjoying listening to my LP's.
Happy Listening !!
I installed the mid-sized brass footers (not the HUGE ones)and the 4" maple base under my P5 and have been very pleased with the results. Also achieved positive results with the footers and platforms under the CD player and AI (tube) preamp. Cheap upgrade that will still apply to any new TT or cartridge in the future. Currently have a Clearaudio Aurum Beta S cartridge. I think you'll be happy with them. Good luck.