mapleshade brass footers.

Im getting ready to purchase sound anchors for my Maggie 1.7s.Has anyone tried the mapleshade brass footers with sound anchors?Just wanted some feedback before buying.Thank you.
Hi g11657
I have used the brass footers in my HT set up -under a amp on the pre pro and blue ray player was happy with them. Have never used the sound anchors.

Years ago, i put them under my then CD player, a Cyrus 8x with a separate power supply. It was like WOW, what an improvement. People in the next room commented--what did you do, so much clearer.  Since then, I've tried them with a number of components and have not noticed any changes one way or the other.
I use edenSound Bearpaws under my 5 Sound Anchor racks and stands.
Good product and friendly, reliable service.
I've had the SAMSON audio equipment rack, that I sold and I still have their Mapleshade  4" thick  maple platform and heavy feet brass footers and Isoblocks.

In short, I sold the SAMSON rack and mothballed the


In short the Mapleshade tweaks can work but they are VERY SYSTEM DEPENDENT . When I moved up to my current 2-channel system (a significant $30k upgrade ), any MapleShade system sonic effects evaporated in THAT system .

In fact a NAIM FRAME audio rack that channels the audio vibration away instead of a bulk-mass isolation approach a la Maplshade works much better in my current system.

I have a bespoke professionally engineered experimental custom clone of the NAIM FRAME rack, without any brass footers , isoblocks, and maple platform

The new system totally smoked the prior  Mapleshade Samson rack and the Mapleshade platform/ isoblocks/ brass footers setup in MY CURRENT system. The degree of audio improvement by scrapping the Mapleshade setup in favour of the new audio rack (sans brass footers) was not subtle. So I mothballed the latter and may sell it off when I get some free time.

Your takeaway:

(1) The Mapleshade tweaks are a VERY system dependent tweak that may or may not provide the audio improvement you be careful .... Full stop.

(2) Their isolation system tweaks can work for sure,  BUT - -and it's a big "but" -- if you decide to go blind and buy into their provided marketing and all these forum anecdotal opinions, then I suggest that you go all-in for the full Monty isolation system with the maple platform, the isoblocks, and the brass footers.

In my experiences, the brass footers alone by themselves (in isolation without the rest)  are an expensive waste of time and money in my direct hands-on experiences.

Thanks! for sharing- akg_ca

in place of the Sampson, which isolation/rack are you using?
Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Before you buy anything, gather enough heavy books to lay a stack of 6 on each of the feet (eight total) of your pair of 1.7s.

Leave them on for a few days and play music. See if the sound is cleaner, better focused, and at least as musically involving as before, if not better.

If this proof of concept works, you might try getting two sets of these sandbags made for holding camera, microphone, and light stand tripods stable.

I did this and bought the sandbags, filled quart Zip-Loc bags with sand and stuffed one inside each sandbag. It was a very nice improvement with no downside for a total of $33.00. Also, if you aren’t using the nylon washer spacers to tilt your 1.7s back a little, do it.

send me a PM and I can respond better with pics and commentary instead of struggling in this forum arena
Spiking speakers for improvement is a myth. That’s why there’s such inconsistent results and opinions.

Maybe the sound is different, but is it really better?

Townsend thinks not. See their Seismic Isolation Podium.
thank you for the feedback as always.