Mapleshade and Maple Audio Cables

Has anyone heard of these cables? I find their websites full of claims to be giant killers. The Mapleshades are very inexpensive and claim to beat out transparent, monster, etc.
I like my Mapleshade speaker wires. 30 day money back trial. Be sure to check search engine here as we have had a few discussions on the Mapleshade line. Good luck, Charlie
they're excellent regardless of price,however the price performance ratio is outstanding,way recommended,they replaced my synergistic designer ref,Al
They are the best thing in wire going at the price, you can`t find a better sounding cable for the money ,I replaced all ny D.H.Labs stuff with the clearveiw IC and the speaker cable . Greg
There are already several threads discussing Mapleshade products. Search for "Mapleshade" you should get two or three that discuss the ICs. Also read the threads about interconnects and you'll find some references to these products.
I am using the Mapleshade Double Helix digital cable with a Bel Canto DAC and enjoy it's clear, neutral & detailed yet muscial sound. I just tried another silver IC in its place today and even the silver sounded muted and cloudy in comparison. The cables are very fragile and odd looking, but sound great.
While i haven't tried any of these cables, the literature that they provide for these products has some TALL "double-speak" in it. Any company that has to resort to that type of thing makes me leary of doing business with them. Then again, almost all of audio is "hype", so i guess that i wont be buying much gear in the future : ) Sean
Hi Sean: I haven't read much literature on the IC's, but if they claim to reduce skin effect then they probably have by reducing the surface area (I have to put on my reading glasses to see this micro wire) and as small as they are the LF response is not slighted in the least. They were scary when I first unpacked them (looked like someone had sent me the empty wrappers from a few "day long" Slim Jims). I wasn't leary at all as they have a 30 day return policy.
Using "micro" wire is nothing new. Magnan has been doing it for many, many years. As far as i know, i think that they were the first to "document" just how important wire gauge really was and that the effects of "skin effect", and inductance / capacitance of wires were quite noticeable within the audio range of frequencies. Matthew Polk was also a forerunner in this area also if i remember correctly. Sean
I wish that they had "micro" power cords as well. My DAC just fell over again from the weight of the PC. David
I thought Mapleshade did have Micro power cords? Someone that knows plesae advise us!
I ordered the MS cords but have not yet received them (I was told 2-3 weeks). From the photos the wire itself looks standard size, however the insulation is again of the "Slim Jim" wrapper variety (like plastic sandwich bag material) which will help cut down on the weight. I recall reading papers on the search for the ultimate super conducter in the 70's but don't beleive that it was ever found as far as high current goes anyway (other signal transfers have improved a lot though). I will be using the PC's on both my digital front (transport/DAC) and amp. With breakin and delivery time it is going to take awhile before I can comment on them, plus I can only compare them to HT Pro 11's. Within my price range (and self imposed mass limitation) it was kind of a toss up between MS and Silver Audio's Powerburst PC (which I would also like to try). Has anyone else had experience with the MS power cords?
I own one Silver Audio PowerBurst PC that I use on my Cary 94 preamp. I really like it there. It does a good job with the detail, at least on my system.
Deano, where are you, I know you switched over to all Mapleshade. You would be an excellent source!
Hasn't anyone noticed that the double helix interconnects sound very much like they look...thin. Very transparent yes, but partially because they lean out the sound. I did actually like them and consider them a good value,but,this sound didn't work in my system. Also, their fragility would be hard for me to live with. I will say that most thin sounding cables usually also sound grey and colorless. These don't have that effect at all. They are colorful, but not colored.
hifiharv, So by your own observastion, cables that are big should sound fat or thick?
Some do, and some don't.I have heard fat cables that also sound thin. I don't however know what guage the actual conductors inside are. I don't think my Magnan cable sounds thin and it also uses tiny guage wire.
Lak: Any comments on other than the detail of the Powerburst? Thanks. David. Also the MS power cords arrived yesterday (way ahead of schedule) but other than that they do brass cymbals exceedingly well in my system, right off the bat, I will have to wait for them to run in. I have also switched IC's for a demo/sale (my HT Truthlinks are now installed and I usually use the Homegrown Super Silver's) and have to get the other cables back to what I am more accustomed to. Hope someone can comment on the Mapleshade power cords as I have no idea how long they take to break in.
Hello everyone:let me share a little bit on my experience w/ms cables,as i've said in the past i just went to a double dac/jitter attenuator combo i needed extra p/c's so there was no way i was going to pay thousands of $ on p/c's so i took a chance on the ms p/c's and intc's,they've replaced 2 black mambas p/c's and a synergistic research designers refernce intc,now if you do the math and realize how much b/m's and the sr des ref are going for used and the price on the mp's you'll see that i was able to cover all my p/c's needs and still had some extra $ to spend somewhere else and i can honestly tell you that right now my system is so much neutral,transparent and detailed than before and the bottom end still as good or better,again this may depend on system matching and taste so i'll list my system at the end,again i'm very impressed w/these cables and i think it's great that audiophiles have now many quality choices out there at a real world prices,if i can be of further help please do not hesitate to contact me,best regards to all.AL

cd player is is a harman kardon cdr2 with a detachable p/c(have player and cd recorder in one package)going to a resolution audio chronos jitter attenuator,splitting the dig signal to 2 resaudio reference dacs(bought used for $450 as a package)
sim audio celeste integrated
paradigm ref studio 40's v-2
speaker cables are dh labs-q-10 biwired(may be replaced w/ms aswell)
tad power purifier
magnum dynalab ft 101 tuner
i've had several pieces of equipment in the past such as resaudio cd-50,sonic frontier,vtl,etc but the system synergy i now have is outstanding and can compete with everything i had before at a fraction of the cost,i guess i'm getting wiser finally!