Maplenoll fans Iink about Bob Dilger

I guess he's still alive. I thought his disappearance was strange.
I also had an Athena back in the day! I think it was Fred Kaplan who rated it as one of his favorite products of the year. I also had problems with it and later sold it. I now have an Ariadne Signature that I bought about 3 years ago and the first night I had the table it sounded great and the pump blew up! Bought another pump and keep threatening to get it back up and running.

I read some crazy stuff about Col Robert Dilger transporting an anti tank gun he was trying to sell the military to the Pentagon and the gun went off at a gas station and blew up a gas pump causing a number of injuries. He had some sort of alliance with Pierre of Mapleshade in their Defense Department days. Really interesting stuff if you google Col Robert Dilger.
Didn't Lloyd Walker Audio buy out Maplenoll? Pretty sure the Walker table is the evolution of the Maplenoll. Walker also being a friend of Pierre. The plot thickens...
Lloyd worked for maplenoll in its last days. I have two maplenoll's that were modified by him and some of the old stock. Not sure if he bought the company but he did buy some of the stock. His design is similar to the maplenoll though more refined and advanced