Maplenoll fans Iink about Bob Dilger

I guess he's still alive. I thought his disappearance was strange.

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I also had an Athena back in the day! I think it was Fred Kaplan who rated it as one of his favorite products of the year. I also had problems with it and later sold it. I now have an Ariadne Signature that I bought about 3 years ago and the first night I had the table it sounded great and the pump blew up! Bought another pump and keep threatening to get it back up and running.

I read some crazy stuff about Col Robert Dilger transporting an anti tank gun he was trying to sell the military to the Pentagon and the gun went off at a gas station and blew up a gas pump causing a number of injuries. He had some sort of alliance with Pierre of Mapleshade in their Defense Department days. Really interesting stuff if you google Col Robert Dilger.