Maplenoll Apollo turntable belt size

Attention Maplenoll Apollo turntable owners - can someone please let me know the belt size!!! Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thank you,
Start here. Maybe contact LP Gear to make sure, but I think one of the belts they sell will work on the Apollo too.
Give me a few days and I'll find out. The dude that bought my Ariadne 6 years ago should be able to measure the belt. We still email each other occasionally.
Thanks Mofimadness for the information. I will try LP gear, but from my research, they only sell the Ariadne belt, but not the Apollo.
Dork wad - thank you very much. Just to make sure, the Apollo had a different size belt than the Ariadne.
Thanks you both for taking the time and for the input!!!!
Good to see another apollo owner, not many of us out there. Unfortunately, my apollo has an outboard motor so the belt is different. However, if you have the old belt, measure the length and the width, and thickness and then you can probably find the belt size or one that is slightly smaller. i have used several companies trying to replace belts over the years.

Here are a couple i have had success with.
Thanks much for the links. The motor in my table is built into the plinth next to the platter, so I need about 34" long belt. Ceitron does carry this size, so, viola, problem solved. Thank you again Oilmanmojo for the input. Now all I have to do is to wait for the belt arrival and figure out how to run this monster.
excellent! if i can help, let me know. lots of people complain about the airbearing arm. If this is an issue with you, let me know. I have 3 of the tables (ariadne, Ariadne signature and highly modified apollo.) and have been able to get each of them pretty much optimized. Do you have the original Dilger supplied air pump? its a good pump but can cause odor or oil problems in the air circuit if not managed properly. Lloyd walker attacked this first in any of his mods.
Thank you Oilmanmojo very much for your generosity. It is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, the pump that came with the Apollo is malfunctioning ( throwing oil), and based on the Apollo original owner recommendation, I had purchased a Sil Air model with 2.3 cfm that should work well with the table. However, I would love to learn how you are able to keep the air circuit clean. Which oil filter do you use? I know that clean air problem is 'live or die' issue with owning a Maplenoll. Thank you again Oilmanmojo for your time and care.
i use a Junair compressor (similar volumes)that is very quiet but is not an oilfree compressor. Not sure of the SilAir. However, two key factors to consider with airpump. Moisture and oil. Moisture is just a consequence of compressing air. I have a separator on the pump itself that i keep blowing down each time i use. I can send a pic but the air regulator that controlls pressure has a filter and "chamber" that has a small valve. THat is the primary water (and oil) knockout right at the pump. However, as you may find, running a pump for a couple of hours will heat up the air, so a secondary filter and knockout is best and i have that right at the table. The dampening system is between the two. I am assuming you have a lot of tubing and dampining system to take out the swings on pulsations on the air. SOme have em, some dont. I have them just as a precaution. However the final filter and KO is the key on keeping the arm clean. I use a paper/Carbon filter before the knockout. This is remove any last traces of oil or water that may have gotten past the first knockout or dampening system. I change it about 1/year. WHen i was using the supplied pump, i changed it every 3 months because it uses a lot of oil My junair doesnt but this keeps the air dry and clean before the arm and platter. send me a PM and i will send you a picture of the setup
I know exactly what you mean about the disastrous impact of oil and water in the air circuit. I used to own a Maplenoll Ariadne signature and got overly frustrated by repeated moister and oil in the system. I had tried oiless pump but the noise drove me crazy, so I had sold it for the purpose of getting the Apollo. My sil air is oil compressor, and I would love to learn your take on how to keep the air circuit clean. Thank you again Oilmanmojo for your time and input. It is priceless. I will send you a message shortly.