Maplenoll Adriadne/Shelter 501/Audiomat Phono 1

�Hi, guys,

I previously posted a thread, "Cheapest Analogue to Conquer Best Digital." Thank you for your helpful comments, including those reminding me that it's not the format or the equipment but the music that is the most important.

Now, after some searching, I have put together an analogue front end in my mind that may sound good at a reasonable price:

Maplenoll Adriadne (Turntable + arm): $825 shipped used
Shelter 501 (Cartridge): $650 new
Audiomat Phono 1 (phono stage): $990 new
Total: $2465

What do you guys think?

Thank you,

I know that the Mapelnoll is an excellent turntable when properly set up, which isn't too difficult. This company started out as a graduate project for Bruce Thigpen of Eminent Technology fame, (there are similarities in the Mapelnoll and ET-2 arm). These tables great for the price, and allow the tweaker endless projects.
I haven't heard the Shelter or the Audiomat, but I have had a Maplenoll Athena. Proper set up is the key as mentioned by Brian, but it is not easy to do. You have to have a lot of patience and Enid Lumley's TAS series (from '87 or so, on setting up the Athena) on hand. Good luck.
not familiar with the tt. just did the same thing recently. went with vpi hw19m3 / fidelity research 64fx arm (came with the table) / shelter 501 / arc ph3. i would re-think the phono pre. arc is not the end all in phono pre's but it is not bad and tubes will sound better. everything else sounds great. IMO

good luck jim