Maple platform under turntable, How thick?

Hi. I am thinking about getting this to put my Nottingham Spacedeck on. How thick? What to put under the platform? Brass cones? Boston Audio footers? Something else?
The platform will be on the hardwood floor, no rack.
Any thoughts?

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On an Ariston tt, I have used 2-inch maple from Mapleshade with their rubber/cork/rubber footers to good effect on wood racks. On amplifiers I believe maple from Mapleshade(air dried) sounds better than butcher block maple. I have 4-inch maple from Mapleshade(which is supposed to sound better than 2-inch), but I haven't tried it on my turntable. Someone suggested trying maple blocks(I think he said Mapleshade has some, although I haven't seen it in their catalog) as a cheap way to try maple(maybe with isonodes under the maple?). As for other materials, I have used myrtle blocks with isonodes with good results on an early Nuforce amp.