Maple platform under turntable, How thick?

Hi. I am thinking about getting this to put my Nottingham Spacedeck on. How thick? What to put under the platform? Brass cones? Boston Audio footers? Something else?
The platform will be on the hardwood floor, no rack.
Any thoughts?

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I use four inch thick kiln dried Mapleshade platform on islocks under my clear auido Chapion ll table on a four inch thick four self Mapleshade stand with great results. The turn table itself weighs eighty pounds. Kiln dreid maple is soft and to me gives a very good sound. In my experiences I get a very open, authoritive deep rich sound. As stated by Stanwal, tweaks are not a one thing fit all. I also agree with Thorman about the brass cones. I use Bearpaws and Mapleshade.
Sorry, about my statement. Mapleshade platforms are air dried, not kiln dried.