Maple platform under turntable, How thick?

Hi. I am thinking about getting this to put my Nottingham Spacedeck on. How thick? What to put under the platform? Brass cones? Boston Audio footers? Something else?
The platform will be on the hardwood floor, no rack.
Any thoughts?

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I haven't experimented with all the ideas mentioned above, but I can tell you this... I put my Spacedeck on a 4" thick Mapleshade block on top of their included cork/rubber isolators and it transformed the sound completely. Amazing improvement, and this is in a system where the table and electronics are already in a different room from the speakers. Could another type of footer be even better? Maybe, but I never felt the need to go any further. The Mapleshade wood is a bit different from most others in that it is air dried and that is supposedly responsible for a better sound. I wouldn't doubt that it does make a difference. 4" is reportedly better than 2".