Maple platform question

Does anyone know where to purchase maple platforms in the San Francisco bay area?
Just order them from
Thorman, thanks. I know I can get them from Mapleshade. I was just wondering if there is a place I can buy them locally.
Kitchen supply stores frequently stock maple butcher block boards.

William-Sonoma stocks Boos Block cutting boards here in Dallas. Boos are well made, come in a variety of sizes and are reasonable price for the quality.

I would call before driving, the William-Sonoma web site did not show the model we have locally so there may be differences in stock from city to city.

Obvious places to look is Yellow Pages and Google for suppliers near you.
You could try Timberline in Berkekley if their still around,good luck,Bob
Commercial kitchen supply store is a better bet than W&S who will charge triple wholesale. Also, try Bed, Bath and Beyond or Target. Really, W&S?
Any millwork or cabinet shop in your area. I am sure there is one not to far from where you live.
Boos ( is good quality, widely available. Knownothing and Olimpico also make good points. I cut down butcherblock countertop produced locally (St. Louis); more work and lower quality than Boos. John
Knownothing, did you notice the post by Jdoris suggesting That's the same board sold at Williams-Sonoma here in Dallas. A friend bought a 2" thick 18X24 for about $80.00. That compares favorably with many other brands not nearly as well made as Boos.

The ones at Target are about a half inch thinner than Boos and sell for $69.95. Sure, they have some at $14.95 too but they are paper thin.

You are wrong to assume because I suggested W&S that they have only overpriced goods. Re-read my post, I suggested Jimmymac call before driving.

If you want the very best deal on butcher block I can give you the name, it's McMaster Carr. Be prepared to buy in LARGE quantity. I bought 6 or 8 commercial food grade maple table tops, 2.25" thick by 72 X 36 (3600 pound capacity) and had a cabinet shop custom cut all of them for my equipment.

However, not everyone needs that much material and that's the purpose of these forums, to make suggestions that might help the other person.
Check out Michigan Maple Block - great deals there. I got 21x15x3 inch butcher block cutting boards for around $80 each. They appear to be very good quality.
Points well taken.

I just lucked out and bought a very large (21x15x2) European Beechwood board at Home Depot on clearance for $18.95. If you have HD in your area, you may want to see if they are clearing them out. I have a maple board in my system too, and while both boards make a big difference in sound for my CDP and TT, I can't tell the difference between materials.
It is true that commercial kitchen supply places beat WS for some things (I got a stainless steel food prep table for about a third the WS price), but I doubt that is true for Boos Block. Boos quotes $86 for the block Albert mentions, in the neighborhood of the WS price. (As I recall, a 2.25" Boos in that size is around $100 or so) Buying countertop might be cheaper, but you typically have to buy more, as Albert notes, and then there's the labor. I also suspect that the Boos quality is pretty hard to best, at anywhere near the price point. Unless you need a lot of block and very particular sizes, Boos or similar looks a good way to go.

On a related note, Boiled Walnut Oil is an excellent and easy finish for the blocks: dries hard and non-sticky, and brings up the wood nicely. John
Hey folks, thanks for all of the suggestions. I'll check out some of these options.
I notice Mapleshade sells what look like solid Maple platforms. Anyone notice difference between solid wood and laminated blocks? Between vertical grain butcher block and horizontal grain laminated blocks?
Yeah, there's a difference between solid and laminated platforms. The solid wood ones are prone to warping as time passes. There's a reason quality furniture is made from boards that alternate growth ring direction, wide boards have an innate tendency to curl. I know Mapleshade goes on and on about their how their logs are air dried for years and years, and yes, that helps. You might get lucky and the wood will remain stable. I'll take whatever small sonic penalty one may incur and use laminated layup construction myself.
I have both the John Boos butcher blocks and the Mapleshade platform and I prefer the Mapleshade. The Mapleshade is worth the worth the extra cost IMHO. The difference is better balance throughout the frequency range and better delineation of micro-dynamics. The Mapleshade is also a nice looking hunk of wood.
I have a Mapleshade amp stand with the squish worm and spif middle. The bob front is in fine conditon with a gutter chicken top.
I have a Mapleshade amp stand with the squish worm and spif middle. The bob front is in fine conditon with a gutter chicken top.
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So, I'm guessing you don't like the looks of yours? How about the the sonics, or have you not compared it to anything else?