maple platform for tt.

I Have a planar 2 and a dealer said a maple platform would not work well with that tt- too heavy. Does anybody hav a 2 or 4 inch mapleshade platform under their regas, and did it help- thanks
I am also a dealer who uses a heavy maple platform under some of the non suspended tables he sells. I do not understand his concern. I have heard of Linn working well on a very light table but never that Regas did.
I have owned a Planar 3 & P25 and now currently own a P5.

In my years of experience with the Rega, I find that it works best on a light, rigid surface. I have tried a solid butchers block and in my opinion, it completely sucked the life out of the sound. I found the bass became less refined, muddy and the timing just seemed off. I currently have the P5 on a light MDF shelf, setting on a wall mounted shelf that is attached to the studs. The shelf is decoupled from the wall shelf with spikes turned upwards. I think it sounds sublime.
However.....a heavy maple platform is the best thing under a VPI table.