Maple/light wood racks

Has anyone out there seen a nice rack that comes in lightly-shaded wood? I'm looking for something that can fit a 36" TV on top, and has room for maybe 4 components below the TV shelf (2 on each side, if you can picture what I mean). The gear is all silver, and the room's furniture is all light wood, so a rack of this type would really help my Significant Other Acceptance Factore (SOAF).

Thanks all,
If you are looking for something that doesn't need to hold a whole bunch of components, you might want to check with a woodworker in you area. That way you could get a match of wood species and a close color match. (Not to mention get exactly what you want style wise.)
You might want to check out the Bello AVSC-2102, Mine has worked out quite well.
I think the Salamander Synergy Twin 20 in Maple fits yor description exactly. Check it out.

These have all been very helpful ideas...thanks so much for the input. Not to get too drippy on you, but I really owe the 'Gon community a debt of gratitude for helping me out every step of the way. You guys haven't let me down yet.

Thedautch, I can personally recommend a Vantage Point Contours rack for you. I own one.

The racks are available in several shelf(maple, cherry, black) and leg(many - i.e. silver, black, rust, etc.) colors. You can get 9" or 7" shelves.

The one I have has maple shelves and silver legs. It's an A/V rack, 36" wide, three shelves @ 9" each, and will hold 4 components in the lower two shelves. They also have a wider rack, which I think may be a bit better at providing space for the audio components below.

Fits in nice with the room. And, very, very sturdy. I rate it much higher than the Lovan Pyramid A/V rack I also have. It's one of the better racks in the Non - exotic category. While I wouldn't say it offers excellent value, just about no racks do. They are vastly overpriced.

For this, and most racks, I would say they would benefit from a bit of dampening of the shelves. I have heard Dynamat works, as well as things like a steel plate.

Audio Advisor has a Standesign unit like this on sale for $250.00, regularly $400.00. I just bought one and it is gorgeous. It is silver, rather than the usual black and is about 36" wide with 2 shelves underneath. The shelves are black on one side and cherry on the other but with a 36" TV on the top shelf and two conponents, side by side, on each of the other shelves, you will not see much of the shelves. If this doesn't do it, any local woodworker would easily be able to veneer the shelves in your choice of woodgrain. Check the AA website for a Picture of this unit. Don
hi Brian,

if you really want your significant other to like the "look" of your equipment rack check out Zoethecus racks. their light maple racks, which i use, are absolutely beautiful. unfortunately, the Zoethecus web site does not have their home theatre racks pictured, so i'm not sure they have a wide one like you need......but if they do (and you can afford one) it would be the way to go.

i also use the Zoethecus amp stands, but in a light cherry finish to match my amps, which are also beautiful.