Maple Audio Works Ambience I.C.

Just want to know if somebody ever had the chance to listen those cables from a small audio compagny based in CANADA?did you compare these to other cables well rated?how would you describe their sonic signature.
thank's folks!!!
Hi Rocc,

I love 'em! I compared them against a whole whack of different cables and for the price they're pretty hard to beat. Smooth, yet detailed with a nice solid bottom end to them, they may not be the last word in imaging but they get the infamous PRAT right. They work equally well with analog and digital source components... check out my main rig to see my associated components. Best, Jeff
Rocc, check out the review on the higher-line Maple Works Natural interconnects in the website:
Sherod - while less than a glowing review in contrast the Inner Ear did like maple's Tranquillity speaker cables so its all about synergy. One man's treasure...

As for that review in particular... Did you happen to look at the other equipment reviews as well?. I personally don't put too much salt in reviews anyways especially those that read like the next coming. Best to try something for yourself!
Rgd, I understand what you are saying. To a certain extent, cables are a synergistic, equipment thing. However, rarely,if ever do reviewers make objective tests on cables, which I think is important. J. Peter Moncrieff does that. I realize that some of his glowing reviews appear to read like the next coming, however that is his style of writing. He doesn't review much anymore, but when he does, he is passionate about it whether it is a "next coming" or negative review.I have usually been in agreement with Mr. Moncrieff's reviews,subjectively. But in the end,I'll go along with "another man's treasure..."
Hi Rocc,

I have used the Ambiance cables myself when I had what I consider a bright sounding system. Very smooth cables and good solid bass. As I moved to a more neutral and transparent system, I wanted something a little more natural with more detail. As always it really does depend on your components. Currently using all AU24's