Mapeshade cable lifts or any cable lifts?

Do the cable lifts under speaker wire actually help improve the sound? My cables are wide ribbon Verbatim Cables. Thanks...Edward
Generally one would want a non-interfering product. Cheapest cable risers are paper towel tubes wrapped with packing tape and cut into inch tall sections. Can add a small V and all set Even paint them black first. Pretty good for junk at hand. other sorts are to make a tripod out of chopsticks cut down and tied to hold the tripod together. Various things around the home can do.
The most expensive are just 'show' pieces, to display ones ostentatiousness.
For the not very handy, the small wood blocks available are decent.
So nearly anything can hold a cable off the floor.
Or, if one has cables that are carefully shielded, no riser is needed. One cable i know of is the Power Cables from Pangea. They have no interaction with anything outside the cable sheath. The Pangea can be right next to interconnects etc and no problems. Only the molded platic ends of Pangea power cables have any electromagnetic emmisions.
So those paper towel tubes are my choice, painted black, with shiny packing tape wrapping.. the V notch finishes them off.
A high end version would have a layer of antistatic foam inside of the tube. Or perhaps a small crystal in each tube...
I never found them to do anything at all...I have unshielded cables.

I see we have an honest person amoung us!
So Griffithds, you can't hear anything either?
(JUST as insulting as your comment i guess, in it's own snide way)
Tweaks that cost nothing are not going to cost anyone to find out if they, in fact, can or cannot hear a result.
And just because YOU can't hear worth a damn*, does not mean no one else can.
*(or have equipment with enough subtlies to allow one to hear the difference)
Good luck
For another interesting (cheap) way to hold a cable off the floor i use a thin pure cotton rope woven back and forth in a simple loose pattern around the two wires of my 7 meter long Kimber Hero pre to amp interconnect. It holds the wires together both the width of the rope diameter apart, and off the floor the diameter of the rope, as the cable snakes it's way behind/over some other stuff in the way on it's route to the amp.
The rope was laying around too.
(If i would have bothered to dye the rope black it might have been less noticeable..
As for hearing a difference, you should try the tweak with some really cheap or free method before splurging for an expensive method of doing the tweak.
The free or nearly free method is almost always just as good as the pricey ones, just perhaps not as elegant.
It is true many peole do not think it is worth the bother. And also true many folks do not hear any difference. But to insult the people who do is insufferable IMO.
I've never heard the differnce between putting something between the cable and not putting something between the cable.
I've tried several inexpensive tweeks like that and I didn't notice any difference.
Some people hear the difference, but I haven't.
Elizabeth...just because I haven't heard a difference with or without them on MY system or the systems that I tried it on, doesn't mean you or I can't hear a difference on YOUR system. I'm disappointed in your fire breathing conclusion...perhaps this is the time of the month.
Not your response set me off at all. i found your response to be perfectly acceptable and reasonable. it was Griffithds response i was finding to be intolerable in it's snide way. So I apologize if you felt it was in any way aimed at you. as i was not.
Tweaks can be very system dependent.
But to have someone respond in the way Griffithds did is to insult anyone who finds they can make a difference.
And so i responded 'in kind' to his lack of respect.
Again, sorry if you felt it was also directed at your honest comment.
The OP asked if cable risers made any difference and Stringreen provided an answer to the question and included a specific detail related to the previous post made my Elizabeth. I don't really see what was so offensive about the post unless there is some other history that I don't know about.

For what it's worth, when I was reading the original post I was thinking that simple wood blocks would be an easy way to test the risers. I have significant doubts of the risers making a difference in 99.99% of systems but I also know that placebo is just as good as reality, especially when it's cheap.
Still friends, Liz....
Interesting the two no's are from 5 and 5A owners!!! Maybe the 5 seris isn't that reveling and no difference can be heard!!! Just a possibility!!!
Agree with Elizibeth it was a snide unnessary remark!
Apologies to RV and JR!
Enid Lumley's cable tunnels worked quite well - sections of pine 2x4s with the cables suspended inside the tunnels using thread and eye hooks.
"And just because YOU can't hear worth a damn*, does not mean no one else can.
*(or have equipment with enough subtlies to allow one to hear the difference)"

Ah yes, the ultimate audio put-down.

"Just because you can't hear some nonsense tweak, it must mean either your ears or gear is defective".

Been used for years. Just as smarmy as the first time.

Like many other issues in audio, it'll sound as good as you want to believe it will. One thing I'll agree with is that it's cheap enough to do some experimenting and not waste too many $.
seriously,,my car goes faster with those flame decals on the side. but i do keep my cables off the floor. looks cool and sounds better. ha i want to find they way to test for placebo effect. i personally like placebo effect, works for me.
Interesting the two no's are from 5 and 5A owners!!! Maybe the 5 seris isn't that reveling and no difference can be heard!!! Just a possibility!!!
Agree with Elizibeth it was a snide unnessary remark!
Apologies to RV and JR!
Thanks for the tips Elizabeth. The Mapleshade triad lifts essentially look like 3 sticks tied together IMO.

Currently I used unfinished myrtlewood blocks from Battlerock studios to raise my speaker wires and some long run RCAs about 2 inches off my carpeted floor. They came free with the speaker plinths I ordered from Battlerock. I have not heard any difference either good of bad by elevating various cables with these blocks.

Before I got the blocks the way I tested cable risers was really budget. I took some extra CD cases opened them up and put them on the floor like a tent and rested my cables on them. There was no difference in sound in my sound system. Maybe if they raised the cables higher a difference in SQ would have been made?
the COPS will certainly think your car is going faster if it has the flame decals.. LOL

Yeah, as long as the testing of a tweak is dirt cheap I am all for it. And little wood blocks are good too. Scrap made into some rough blocks will do.
Still friends Stringreen
The ones mentioned by Geoff are good, and cheap too, just a little extra work to make.
And Enid Lumley who first thought of risers deserves credit for them. And for a lot of audio tweak insights.
And she never deserved the scorn heaped on her back in the days of her writing for TAS, either.

I agree with you 100%...they look cool, and looking cool is part of the overall experience.

I have used this analogy...I love a good single malt Scotch. It taste better with a 20 year old blonde in my lap.
Yes, but very very little; the diff is extremely small. Still, give it a try using tips from Elizabeth, if the result is un-noticeable, go elsewhere. Perhalps, lift off Cdp and/or speakers using diff materials, instead.
When the cables are on the floor they are prone to the floor vibration in addition to other sources of vibration. Whether those cable risers will decrease it, unchange it or make it worse should depend a lot on those particular risers and their interaction with particular cables. Theoretically, the good ones should be able to improve the sound especially at high volume.
... will decrease it, unchange it or make it high volume.
Not to mention the static electric charge on carpets.
"Theoretically, the good ones should be able to improve the sound especially at high volume."
Inna (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

Many of these tweaks and "theory" should not be mentioned in the same sentence. They may or may not work, but there is almost never any theory behind them, or a huge stretch at least.
Same here. Cables vibrating? I don't think so.
Unless you're talking about the theory you conjure up in your own head. Then it makes perfect sense, theoretically of course.
The comment on theory is too true.
I think Humans like to have 'reasons' for stuff, and so invent personal theories on the spot to self explain phenomena they do not really understand.
So all sorts of 'theories' are created to 'explain' the unexplained. The flaws in those theories do not invalidate the odd things going on in some tweaks.
They just mean no one has scientifically bothered to track down what is actually happening there.
So all those 'Cosmic' whatever theories of 'Quantum this or that' sound like crazy rubbish, and probably are crazy rubbish. But the actual fact of something occurs is real, (most of the time,anyway!, and somethimes it is too subtle to notice in a system, sometimes it makes a major effect. Then i have noticed the effects are cumilative. Several tweaks add up to a result.
Thus I have been doing stuff (free or nearly free) and just adding them, and lately got a great result from one (pigtil tweak with ferrit cores added), and i am certain it would not have been as good a result if the other tweaks had not been done.
So i am a tweaker, but ONLY for real cheap or free. Skip the expensive ones, as nearly all of them have a cheap or free analog. And i am skeptical, and really i have to laugh at some claims. But the problem is some of this stuff works. And that is why i am interested in it.
So my take is if it is free and easy to do what the Hell, try it. (though a few things are too far out for me too... LOL.. (Geoff, a comment for you!!))
"Cables vibrating? I don't think so" I bet you don't think that speakers vibrate either.
"Quantum this or that". That happens too of course, but that's not what I was talking about. Elizabeth, you want something good for nothing; special treatment, in a manner of speaking. I can understand it; good luck to you.
Interesting thread anyway.
I don't know about fancy lift products, but there is usually benefit to keeping the cables off of the floor. Especially carpet over concrete. It could be a capacitive interaction, I don't really know. Lifting my speaker cables did result in a bit more blackness in the background.

We Galibier owners have often demonstrated the effect of lifting the battery power supply off of the floor. There is no change in speed, but there is a sudden effortlessness when the battery is lifted. It seems that after these batteries have been sitting on the carpet for a while they also build a little capacitance. It can be demonstrated again, but the battery has to be used sitting on the floor for a while to build the effect back up.

Vibrations in cables do matter, but I don't think any of our stereos can put out that much energy to do this through signal power. ;-) However, try tapping on an interconnect lightly and see if you hear it through the speakers. This tells me the cables just need to be left alone, not nailed to the wall or something.
I've compared and noticed an audible difference between none, toilet paper rolls, cardas maple blocks, and Shunyata Dark Field elevators. Any of the risers were better than none. Between them it was more a matter of tuning than being necessarily better than each other.
cables vibrating??? if this is the case i guess i better get some cable lifts to put inside of my speakers and especially my subwoofer!! lmao
Great idea. After you are done with that put your sub on your head and determine the quantum sugnature of your vibrating..toe.
Don't take vibrations too lightly. Take a look inside your speakers. Chances are the wires are held in place with cable ties. Look inside your electronics. The caps and some other components usually get potted or strapped tightly to avoid what? Vibrations. You can hear this.

And for you vinyl folks. What does it sound like when you drag a cartridge lead on the surface of an LP? You can hear this plainly. It is vibration.
Dan - you made me shudder with the cartridge example!!!

You make a good point.
I don't use cable lifts but I have experimented with other cable treatment methods. Here's a cheap easy tweek to try. Fill four sealable sandwich bags with sand. Place one under and one over the speaker cable at the nearest point to the speaker where the cable rests on the floor and see if you hear a difference.
That's a good idea, Rhljazz. A good experiment might be to try the sand bags against the elevators Jfeldt found to work best. Maybe that would tell us something?
I'm posting here in an attempt to respond to a more recent (2012) post asking about the merits of cable lifts. I couldn't find that 2012 thread but found this one. I have been very much a skeptic about all manner of audio tweaks (cables, power cords, isolation, fuses) until I actually started hearing (unexpectedly) sonic differences associated with changes in these areas. The 2012 cable lift thread made me decide to experiment with my Consonance Opera Joplin speaker cables. They'd been resting directly on carpet. I made several cardboard lifts for each channel. Basically cut some corrugated cardboard into a 3" x 6" rectangle. Folded it in the a V shape 3" long and 3" high. Put a wine cork in the middle to keep the thing from collapsing and wrapped a rubber band around it. Placed 4 of these under each speaker cable. Forgot about it. A few days later I was listening and realized things were sounding more detailed but also very sweet. Attribute the improvement to getting those cables off a very static prone carpet. Even if it is a completely "psychosomatic" benefit, so what? Anyway, cost to play was "zero". My wife thinks I am mad (she may be right). I tell her I'm not the only one. She says, "What, you and the 10 others?" But here is the good part. She tolerates my obsession (She knows where I am every night)and she hates the little carboard constructs I made. This gives me license to buy something upscale but no way am I going to pay uber bucks for Cardas blocks (do they even give you the dimensions on them?). Thinking I will go to HD or Lowes and get some 4x4x4" wood blocks cut. Looked on line and wood craft blocks above maybe 2 inches on a side look to be hollow. Solid helps to give a little weight and keep things anchored. OK - hope this is of interest. A little window on my dementia. Time to change the Van Morrison CD.
Ghosthouse... I'm a believer. The Mapleshade cable lifts are nothing more than wooden dowels and a wooden napkin ring. You can buy this stuff at most any craft store for next to nothing.
Tinker Toys should work well also.
Shunyata cable lifters work great!!
Ideally, all cables and cords should be suspended from above by fishing line or thread.
Thanks, guys. Tweaks are fun if you can do them on the cheap.
Thanks, guys. Tweaks are fun if you can do them on the cheap.
I use 22 oz bomber beer bottles filled with sand and then wooden skewers to make a V for the cables. Works great and I can change the motif by using micro-brew or German beer bottles to change. Stone Brewing and Capital Brewing are great silk screened bottles!
Hey Boss (great name...growing up, loved the 302s vs Camaros in road racing) - don't think the beer bottle approach would fly with the wife. Good idea, tho'.
The 1969 yellow with the black stripes and blackout hood, that's the car I want when I win the lottery. :-) I remember when Mark Donahue brought out the AMC Javelins. That was some racing. And your right, I'm not married so the beer bottles are fine and add an interesting touch.
Boss - great color choice and a great era for cars.

Add an Olds 442 and a Plymouth Roadrunner to the mix and mostly everything will be covered (more or less).
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Thanks for reminding me of my youth!
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