Many speakers - Solution to a constant upgrading

I came to a conclusion that since different music sound better on different speakers, we need a few sets. We can get Niles speaker selector and switch from one to another as music demands - we will our listening more of the times, and not get that upgrade itch as easily.

For instance, voice sounds better on speakers with low Q values - the spring in the woofer loaded softely - not too tightly. This gives a richer sound. Especially true for classical singers - when they sing loudly and make a sudden crescendo, it still keeps sound soft so as not to bother you - as with speakers with high Q value - hard spring loaded. This is especially true if you listen at high volume - on low enough volume, you might be able to get by without pronounced distraction.

High Q-value woofers do certain acoustic instruments well - like piano, guitar, and other string instruments, because they sound more realistic. The springy feeling one gets from the live performance is captured. However, not too many have a refined sound. Old JBL 4312 for instance have alnico woofers with high q-value, but still sounds refied - unlike many of the todays speakers with high Q-values. I like them even better than B&W top of the line series. Old Tannoys with tweeters built in at the center also sounds refined (even better than the JBL). I am talking about the Tannoy gold and not their newer plastic woofers.

If you have both, than you can switch from one to another, and get the best of the both worlds, as music dictates. But keep in mined, that no matter how much you spend on your system, it can never be completly like a live performance! Don't try to follow that dream - your bank account will thank you, and your loved ones.

However, if you have many sets of speakers at your listening pleasure, you will be satisfied more of the times, and hopefully this will solve the ever upgrade bug.

Hope you find your sonic nirvanah...

So then the question becomes, is it cheaper to own multiple sets at once, or to keep upgrading. The answer is dependent on where you are financially with your speakers. I would think that the higher up you go in the chain, the harder it would be to own multiple sets at once.
Many speakers? How about many Systems? 5ive for me and enough for a few more. Finally stopped buying and started actually listening. But still not enough time for all I want to hear...
You have hit upon the issue that I share. I have three systems set up in the same listening space. I am a tenor and listen to lots of vocal and choral

music, but lots of chamber and orchestral music as well.It is really hard to beat the low power tubes and horns for the choral music and single voices. I have both a Klipsch LaScala and the JVC folded horns with their SS subwoofer,and am really blown away in the operatic world, although the sounds are significantly different. Additionally, I play B&W 801s with SS big , bi-amped systems
which certainly hold their own for bigger orchestral sound and do fine for most of my radio listening. I suppose I should quit screwing around, but am trying the 300b SET amps to replace the Sophia but have not been impressed so far. Possibly because the room is so big. Nothing beats being on the stage with the other singers.