Many of us want to Changegrade instead of Upgrading

As I may have mentioned, I once saw an anime where the protagonists had a music cafe bar.  They had half a dozen bookshelf sized tube amplifiers on the shelves.  I guess the idea was they'd swap them out from time to time.

I really love the idea of doing that as audiophiles. Instead of chasing the next big score we should look for things that interest and excite us.  To chase the change instead of the "upgrade." So many see upgrading as a way of self-care or self-love.  I must love myself more, or be capable of more self-love because I just spend 10x what I spent last year on my speakers.  If that's you, who am I to stop you?

But it is worth stepping back from the "upgrade" ramp and asking whether money is actually paying for better or different.  If it's just different, maybe we need to do a changegrade.



"I did look into bass traps but my wife could not tell if her car was running or not!"

Good one.

FYI- I use Bose 201s in my boat house.  The catfish, turtles and ducks have never complained.

Yep many of audiophiles were doing it already.  I had 3 amp/int. amp, 3 sets of speakers and two DACs, which render 18 combinations.  Of course not every combination is equally satisfactory but even a subset of those give sufficient rotations to fulfill your enjoyment or simply curiosity.

I rarely upgrade. I'll always try modifying something.  If you don't like what you've done, put the old parts back, try something else, or forget it.  

This is not for most people.  It takes a few years to learn what parts of a circuit to change. Most manufacturers spend a lot of time voicing their equipment, so you'll have to too.

It's cheaper than buying something new every year. You'll end up with something that sounds a little bit better. None of my stuff is new. I don't care about warranty or resale.