Manufacturers with Excellent customer service

What’s been your experience? Who are the superstars in making things right for the customer, without fuss, and with quick turnaround? 
In my personal experience, Pass, Bryston and Bricasti have been excellent 

The most underwhelming experience was from a company long gone- California Audio Labs. 
Rogue Audio

I sent a Rogue power amp in for an upgrade and it got severely damaged on the return trip to me. Mark O'Brian  (of Rogue) sent me a new amp and I did not have to pay a penny. He was very nice about it.
Not a manufacturer, but Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio. I also second Vlad Bazelkov at Audio Mirror. And add Kara Chaffe of Dehavilland. Also Egglestonworks (speakers). I have dealt directly with all of these folks and the service was first-class, as expected. 
PS Audio and Pass Labs have impressed me greatly. Very responsive and clearly want to make sure you are happy as a user.