Manufacturers pushing their products and agenda in the forums.

In the deep, dark, past manufacturers participated in the Audiogon forums with a general sense of decorum and a sensitivity to other products that they did not manufacture themselves and which were, from a design standpoint, philosophically opposed to their views. 

What has happened? Manufacturers now post into the forums dogmatically espousing their myopic view of the hobby, shamelessly pimping their own products and view of the audio world and, even more disturbingly, running down opposing brands. 

IMHO, it may be time to throw the baby out with the bath water and ban manufacturers, distributors, retailers and importers. If they can’t get their act together they should take it on the road.
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I do have a little heart burn from those masquerading as hobbyist but clearly have a financial position or association.

Simple fix. Identify those with commercial affiliation.

How could A-gon possibly enforce this? How would moderators identify those with commercial affiliations?

cleeds why don't you come out from behind you're keyboard and reveal your interest, associations, and alliances within the audio community that lead you to these nonsensical, meaningless, illogical positions, arguments, and beliefs or do you prefer that I reveal to the world what it is I know about you?!?
Wasn’t there a rule that non-hobbyists (manufacturers & dealers) had to disclose their profession on each post?

Wasn’t there a rule that non-hobbyists (manufacturers & dealers) had to disclose their profession on each post?

A thorough, careful, and complete review of this cite's terms of use indicates no such need, necessity, or requirement and neither is such a disclosure useful, necessary, or advantageous as others in  this thread have stated it is simple to sort out the "wheat from the chaff" in this little group and cleeds participating, posting, and contributing to this thread is typical of his efforts to disrupt the conversation for his own hidden, clandestine, secret purposes.
If ya can’t figure out who the manufacturers are I ain’t gonna tell ya.