Manufacturers past their heyday

There are many companies that we all recall from years gone by that are gone. There are some companies that while still around, seem be be past their glory days. For instant, while Conrad Johnson is still around, they just don’t seem to be nearly as relevant as they used to be. Of course, my thought on CJ are purely subjective. And yet other companies seem to be as relevant today as they were 20 of more years ago. VPI perhaps? Definitely McIntosh. 

Who are the other former high flyers that seem to be operating on an altogether different level these days? 
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The best example i can think of is Sony,  sure they are still involved somehow, but their interests show that they have changed and are nowhere near they heydays. 
I think the answer is very simple.  The heyday of consumer audio was from the late 60's through the mid-80's.  The manufacturers who developed a loyal following then and have continued to produce equipment that appeals to that following remain.
A speaker I owned and thoroughly enjoyed in the past was Jantzen.  I had the 412A model of speakers.  They had a 12 inch woofer and 2x2 array of electrostatic elements in a sealed box.  The company is still around and is now run by the son of the original owner.  I have not heard a current production model.  I would love to hear them, however, they are way out reach of my retirement income.
That was Janszen, sorry, I had forgot the correct spelling.
No highs? No lows? Must be Bose!