manufacturer and dealer rating

Would it be a good or a not so good idea if AudioGon had a manufacturer- dealer rating section?
A score with an appreciation for dealers ,manufacturer ,technical service shop .
With the amount of AudioGon members and their quality as audiophiles, it would motivate theme to give excellent services.
Imagine what a bad rating ( with a short description ) would do to their credebility  .

Yes, but why male models? 

The animal in us seeks simplification: Is there a lion in the tall grass? Inquiring minds want to know.... 

The very slipperiness of life's changing and shifting aspects, is what keeps us alive and growing.
Teo audio
sorry Teo , but I skipped my philosphy cours when I was in university. I am very interested in understandind your opinion.
Is it possible to rephrase  it ?

but why male models....

I wrote a really big involved response earlier- that was way over the top and went galloping off in all directions, but..I deleted it.

we seek the simplicity of knowing ’facts’ in the world of unknowns, but it is the facts that ultimately dumb us down. The analogy only carries so far.

If we take away the need to be intelligent and have a dumb world then this will be a case of humanity writing it’s own death warrant and we will be come as dumb as domesticated animals.

Yet our body demands this knowing of things, so we can ’feel’ safe.

So we have a need to negotiate the unknowns and figure them out (increase in human function and basis of existence), vs knowing, which becomes our own unchanging stupidity of repeating actions, which turns us back into comfortable..but dumb animals.

Somewhere in the middle is a balance between chaos and the death of ’perfection in all’. (perfect looks great from a swirling world of change and complexity, but perfection is also an ending, a death, a finality of nothingness--it’s the opposing partner of chaos)

The journey, in effect, is all we are and all we have, and all we’ll ever be.

It’s the long way of saying that you might be asking for too much....and asking something that is very likely ultimately deadly to the environment of audio and sales. It’s how you make room for an amazon, which kills independence, selection, and choice.

We already have good solid rating systems in place for dealers and companies via those sales records and feedback.

I have read it many times.
And I think ,you are perfectly right.
I would like to remove this thread , I feel a bit like if I have had a lack of judgement.
Is it possible to remove this thread ?
No need to delete.
It will fade into oblivion with the other ridiculous threads.